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Charitable Contributions to Scripps Exceed $46 Million In 1997

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, October 6, 1997-During the fiscal year ended September 30, 1997, Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science received more than $46,343,000 in private contributions on behalf of ScrippsHealth and The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

It is anticipated that the 1996-97 fiscal year gift total will, for the fifth consecutive year, rank Scripps among the nation's top ten private, not-for-profit medical institutions when measured in overall philanthropic support.

Martin C. Dickinson, chairman ofthe Board of Trustees of Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science, noted, "We are living in an era in which the economic pressures on organizations involved in health care and biomedical research are greater than at any time in our 73-year history. Maintaining standards of excellence in these arenas is an extremely expensive proposition, and I am very encouraged that our donors continue to maintain such remarkable levels of giving year after year. Their steadfast support enables Scripps to remain one of the nation's leading not-for-profit and locally governed medical science institutions."

Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science promotes the philanthropic support of Scripps Institutions of Medicine and Science, which embraces The Scripps Research Institute and Scripps Health (Scripps Clinic, Scripps Hospitals, Mercy Healthcare San Diego and The Whittier Institute for Diabetes). Scripps Institutions of Medicine and Science evolved from the original Scripps Memorial Hospital and Scripps Metabolic Clinic, established in 1924 by Miss Ellen Browning Scripps.

Included in this year's contribution totals to ScrippsHealth are gift funds that brought major capital campaigns to successful conclusions. These include the Scripps Memorial Hospital-Chula Vista Expansion and Modernization Project, a $16 million program to upgrade emergency department and intensive care facilities at the South Bay hospital. This past year, a capital fundraising campaign headed by real estate developer M. Corky McMillin surpassed its $2.0 million goal with gifts and pledges totaling more than $2,025,000.

The Chula Vista hospital's employees, physicians and advisory board members contributed $1,605,000, and other major gifts were made by the Henry L. Guenther Foundation, the Donald C. Dickinson family, Mrs. Charles E. Hobbis, The Parker Foundation, and Las Patronas.

The Scripps Research Institute was the recipient of two gifts of $5 million: one from Keith and Jean Kellogg, long-standing supporters of the Scripps Institutions; and the other from the estate of the late Buddy Taub, a Carlsbad businessman, to construct a basic research facility to house the world's most powerful nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrumentation for use in mapping molecular structures.

Also included in this year's contribution total is the second installment on what was the largest private gift commitment in American history to the field of science-the 1996 contribution of $100 million from the Skaggs Institute for Research. This commitment is being paid over ten years to enhance TSRI's capabilities in molecular design and development through the establishment of the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology.

Scripps' medical and scientific endeavors also shared major gifts totaling $2.65 million from the estate of the late Ray T. Edwards, made jointly to ScrippsHealth and The Scripps Research Institute to be used for the general operations of these two entities.

David L. Mitchell, president and CEO of Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science, stated, "Thanks to our visionary founder, Ellen Browning Scripps, and the hundreds of thousands of people who have generously supported the Scripps Institutions since 1924, our scientists and our caregivers are making great progress toward improving the health of those in our community and toward finding better treatments, even cures, for the diseases that afflict us. This confirmation of the wide-spread support Scripps enjoys encourages us as we contemplate our 75th anniversary in 1999 and give serious thought to a fundraising campaign of$500 million or more to help secure the future of our programs and services."