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$5 Million Gift to Fund New Center for Molecular Structure and Design at the Scripps Research Institute

La Jolla, California. September 8, 1997 -- The estate of the late Buddy Taub, a Carlsbad businessman, has made a $5 million contribution to Scripps Institutions of Medicine and Science to construct a basic research facility that will house the world's most powerful nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrumentation for use by The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in mapping molecular structures.

TSRI is among the world's leading research centers in the field of NMR imaging of biological molecules. The 12,000-square-foot Buddy Taub Center for Molecular Structure and Design will be constructed at TSRI's Lita Annenberg Hazen Science Center on its campus in La Jolla.

"We are enormously grateful to Mr. Taub for making it possible for TSRI to construct this new facility," said TSRI President Richard A. Lerner, M.D. "With the specialized environment in which to house highly sophisticated equipment, the gift greatly enhances our ability to recruit exceptionally skilled faculty and, ultimately, our stature and capabilities in bioorganic chemistry and molecular structure and design."

NMR is a powerful method for determining three-dimensional images of medically important biological molecules, allowing their structures and shapes to be studied in their natural states, in solution. NMR also provides information on how those structures change upon interaction with drugs and other key substances, leading scientists to a better understanding of biological function and providing the foundation for computer-based design of novel drugs and vaccines.

The NMR facilities at TSRI are among the most sophisticated in the world, now equipped with several 500 and 600 MHZ instruments and one 750 MHZ instrument. With the construction of the new Taub Center and the installation of two additional 600 MHZ spectrometers and an 800 MHZ instrument next year, the TSRI laboratory will be the world's most extensive and best-equipped biomolecular facility. TSRI will purchase a 900 MHZ instrument currently under development which, when installed in the Taub Center, will contain the most advanced magnet in existence.

A transplanted New Yorker who settled in Carlsbad, Buddy Taub had been a long-time patient and friend of Scripps at the time of his death in 1995. Speaking for the estate, Trustee Louis E. Cable said, "The Buddy Taub Foundation and Charitable Trust are proud to provide funding for the Buddy Taub Center for Molecular Structure and Design, which will facilitate and encourage medical and scientific discoveries in the next century."

The specially designed building, at an anticipated cost of $13 million, must be constructed of non-ferrous materials such as wood, cement and fiberglass to avoid interference with the powerful magnetic instrumentation. The building is expected to be completed by the end of 1998.

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