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TSRI Study Reveals New Link Between Brain and Fat-Burning Circuit The research opens the door to insights into metabolism and cross-tissue communication.
Scripps Florida Scientists Identify a Memory Suppressor that May Play a Role in Autism The study shows a specific microRNA has strong links to a number of neuropsychiatric disorders.
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Scripps Florida Researchers Develop ‘LIGHTSABR’—A Cheap, Portable Drug-Discovery SystemScientists have devised a screening system orders of magnitude smaller and cheaper than existing technology.
TSRI Study Reveals Workings of Mysterious 'Relief Valve' that Protects Cells from Swelling The mechanism has been tentatively linked to stroke-induced brain damage, diabetes, immune deficiency and even cancer treatment resistance.
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Philanthropist Samuel Yin Provides $12.8 Million Gift for New Laboratories at The Scripps Research InstituteThe gift meets a previous challenge grant, securing more than $25 million in private donations.
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Remicade® Developer Funds New Super-Resolution Microscope at Scripps FloridaThe gift will fund what will be known as the Iris and Junming Le Foundation Super-Resolution Microscopy Facility.
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Crouching Protein, Hidden EnzymeA TSRI and UC Berkeley team solves the structure of a 'flipping' cellular machine, pointing to possible Alzheimer’s and Cancer therapies.
Study Shows Path to ‘Dialing Down’ Autoimmunity without Compromising Immune Response The new study defines an unexpected mechanism at work in the anti-autoimmune drug candidate ozanimod that helps explain its effectiveness even at low doses.
Scientists Solve 3D Structure of Protein that Guides the Immune System The findings shed light on an ion channel’s possible role in immune functions such as detecting infection and inflammation.
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