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TSRI Team Finds Potential Drug Candidates that Could Intervene in Deadly DiseasesThe study shows a way to boost a cell’s ability to catch 'typos' in protein production that cause amyloidosis.
TSRI Awarded $20M for First Year of US Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort ProgramScripps Translational Science Institute will spearhead a Participant Technologies Center that leverages smart phone technology.
Tendon, Heal Thyself! A new study reveals a gene crucial in keeping tendons healthy.
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Scripps Florida Scientists Link Bipolar Disorder to Unexpected Brain RegionThe study points to several pathways as potential targets for treatment.
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Team Reveals Single-Neuron Gene Landscape of the Human BrainNewly identified neuronal diversity provides insights into brain function and disease.
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Scientists Find New Cancer Drug Target in Dual-Function ProteinThe study reveals that the protein GlyRS is actually a double-agent.
Researchers Stabilize HIV Structure, Design Potential AIDS Vaccine CandidatesThe findings represent a 'big accomplishment' in biomedical engineering and design.
New TSRI Method Opens Door to Development of Many New Medicines The findings reveal human proteins are better drug targets that previously thought.
Discovered: A New Protein Crucial to Normal ForgettingStudy reveals possible strategy for treating memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.
Scientists Create Compound that Erases Disease-Causing RNA DefectsNew drug candidate shows potential in treating spinocerebellar ataxia, a currently incurable disease.
New HIV-Mimicking Particles Could Advance AIDS VaccineThe HIV-like nanoparticles trigger an immune response.
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