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Small RNAs Found to Play Important Roles in Memory FormationIn some cases, microRNAs increase memory formation; in other cases, they decrease it.
aids vaccine
AIDS Vaccine Candidate Successfully 'Primes' Immune System The findings could provide key information for the development of an effective AIDS vaccine.
Scientists Identify a Potential New Treatment for OsteoporosisThe approach could promote the development of new bone-forming cells in patients suffering from bone loss.
New Close-Up View Reveals Key Part of Ebola Virus Life CycleThe Scripps Research Institute team’s high-resolution image revealed how a viral protein called VP35 helps protect the Ebola virus from the body’s immune system.
Findings Point to Drug Target for Huntington’s DiseaseThe new study shows deleting a protein called Rhes leads to improvements in animal models with the condition.
Team Sheds Light on Key Molecule Implicated in Diseases of the BrainThe new study reveals links to the marijuana receptor system.
Study Points to Unexplored Realm of Protein Biology, Drug TargetsScientists have devised a powerful set of chemical methods for exploring the biology of proteins.
TSRI Chemists Find Efficient, Scalable Way to Synthesize Potential Brain-Protecting CompoundFinding a better method to synthesize jiadifenolide, a plant-derived molecule that may have powerful brain-protecting properties, has been a goal of chemists around the world.
Scripps Florida Scientists Show Antitumor Agent Can Be Activated by Natural Response to Cell Stress The findings point to a new therapy against prostate and other cancers.
TSRI Study: Hormone ‘Erases’ Male Smell for Female MiceResearchers discover that female mice are able to smell male pheromones only when ready to mate.
baran group
Modern Alchemy: TSRI Chemists Devise Synthesis of Valuable Exotic CompoundsThe new reaction can create complex “amines” that could be highly useful in pharmaceuticals, but have been impractical—or impossible—to make with standard methods.
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