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Scripps Florida Scientists Predict Cell Changes that Affect Breast Cancer Growth, Opening Door to More Effective TherapiesThe findings advance more effective structure-based drug design against cancers.
TSRI Scientists Reveal Secrets of a Deadly Virus Family The findings could guide development of treatments for Lassa fever.
Wellderly Study Suggests Link Between Genes That Protect Against Cognitive Decline and Overall Healthy Aging The first results from the Scripps Translational Science Institute's Wellderly study have been published by the journal Cell.
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New Molecule-Building Method from TSRI Opens Up Vast Realm of Chemistry for Pharma and Other IndustriesCarbon-carbon coupling made easy.
New Method Enlists Electricity for Easier, Cheaper, Greener Chemistry In contrast to traditional methods, the new technique is easily scalable and uses only inexpensive, safe chemicals, along with old-fashioned electrochemistry—driving a reaction with an electric current.
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New Project Helps Researchers Build a Biomedical KnowledgebaseA TSRI team is tackling the problem of disjointed data using Wikidata, a public, editable database.
Scientists Get First-Ever Glimpse of 'Teenage' HIV-Neutralizing AntibodyThe new knowledge of the evolution and key traits of anti-HIV antibodies could help researchers in the design of a vaccine to prevent AIDS.
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Study Identifies Memory Suppressor Gene That Could Hold Key to New Alzheimer’s Disease TreatmentsGenes that suppress memory are of special interest because they offer insights into how the brain prioritizes and manages information.
Immune Cell Transforms from 'Clark Kent' to 'Superman'The new findings could be a step toward preventing autoimmune disease.
Facing an Opioid EpidemicA personal story of a family affected by opioid addiction—and the research to help addicts quit for good.
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