Opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and students

The lab welcomes inquiries and applications from prospective postdoctoral fellows and students. Space and positions permitting, postdoctoral applicants are invited for an expense-paid interview and a brief, informal seminar.

Students wishing to enter the Scripps Research Graduate Program should contact our Graduate Office:

  1. Scripps Research

  2. 10550 North Torrey Pines Road

  3. La Jolla, California 92037

  4. Tel.: 858-784-8469

  5. Fax: 858-784-2802

  6. website

Students interested in doing part or all of their thesis research in this lab while remaining matriculated in their home university (“non-TSRI graduate students”) should apply directly to pkvogt@scripps.edu. Non-TSRI graduate students from abroad need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to qualify for the necessary J-1 visa. Over the past few years the lab has hosted and supported more than 10 non-TSRI graduate students by offering research projects tailored to short stays.

The lab will continue to generate research opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and for students.