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Scripps Florida scientists land flurry of NIH grants, fattening record haul

A functional cure for HIV? New approach blocks and locks the virus

Ataque ao VIH nos laboratórios e por cientistas portugueses

Susana Valente: a investigadora portuguesa perto da descoberta da cura funcional do VIH. “Foi um acaso”

'Functional cure' discovered for HIV by Scripps scientists

Scripps Florida scientists find ‘functional cure’ for HIV

HIV: pesquisadores descobrem tratamento funcional para o vírus

Inhibition of HIV tat could allow patients to halt ART

New Drug Could End Need for Daily Medication for HIV Patients

New drug could be a functional 'CURE' for HIV by shutting down the 'turbo engine' that drives the virus's spread

Experimental HIV therapy may block virus longer with fewer drugs, Florida study says

New Research Opens the Door to ‘Functional Cure’ for HIV

The Scripps Research Institute ranked first worldwide in science

Dr. Valente interviewed at IAS 2015

Silencing the reservoir: Dr. Valente's presentation at IAS 2015

Rethinking the reservoir
Targets and Methods PDF

Searching for a functional cure

Scripps Florida Scientists Receive $2.8 Million to Develop Innovative Approach to Latent HIV Infection

Scripps research-designed drug candidate significantly reduces HIV reactivation rate

New drug shows promise in silencing HIV

A newly found drug compound could shrink HIV strength

Sponge Mops Up HIV

New compound nearly wipes out HIV in cells

Potent New Compound Virtually Eliminates HIV in Cell Culture


Compound Derived from Sea Sponge ‘Virtually Eliminates’ HIV in Infected Cells

New compound nearly wipes out HIV in cells

Uganda researchers excited by HIV news

New drug has the potential to eliminate HIV infection

La pasta Natural puede suprimir virtualmente el VIH en células de cultura infectadas

Il composto Naturale può virtualmente sradicare il HIV in cellule di cultura infettate



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