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2019 Photos 

Lab Holiday Party


lhp4lhp5lhp6 Happy Birthday Bruce! brucebday

Oktoberfest Party

2134Nicolas' Farewell PartynicolasStosh Ozog's Dissertation Defense

stosh1Stosh celebrates before a cheering crowd of faculty, family and friends.

Congratulations Dr. Stosh Ozog!




 Elizabeth Simpson's Send-off Party


 Former Research Assistant Elizabeth Simpson enlists in the Armyliz1

Torbett lab gives warm sendoff to Elizabeth Simpson

 Torbett Lab Members 2019


Left to Right (Back row): Christian Gallardo, Kristina Seiler, Kip Hermann, Stosh Ozog, Vijay Reddy; Front Row: Hannah Finnegan, Isabel Mendoza, Bruce Torbett, Shentian Zhuang, Johanna Heideker, and Jovelyn Slivka

HIVE Winter Face-to-Face Meeting (Scripps Research California | January 10-11, 2019)


HIVE Center members convene and present updates on their research projectsbetss

Dr. Stefan Sarafianos of Emory University (left) and Dr. Bruce Torbett of Scripps Research California (right), HIVE Center Directors, discuss efforts of research groups and plans for center's future direction


Dr. Arthur Olson of Scripps Research California, HIVE Center Coordinator, welcomes participants at the HIVE Trainee Retreat Program

HIVE Trainee Retreat Program (Scripps Research California | January 9, 2019)

passoslyumkis Drs. Dmitry Lyumkis and Dario Passos (Salk Institute) take questions from the participants about Cryo-Em


Dr. Jessica Bruhn (Salk Institute) provides a Chimera tutorial


Dr. Patrick Griffin (Scripps Research-Florida) discusses the overview and applications of HDX-MS and Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry


Dr. Douglas Kojetin (Scripps Research-Florida) presents NMRhivetrainees2019

Postdocs and graduate students from HIVE laboratories participate in the training workshop



Department of Immunology and Microbiology

The Scripps Research Institute

Director, Molecular Basis of Viral Pathogenesis Training Program

Director, CFAR Protein Expression and Proteomics (PEP) Core

Co-Director, HIV Interaction and Viral Evolution (HIVE) Center

Co-Director, UCSD Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)


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