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The Natural Products Library (NPL)

The Natural Products Library (NPL) at TSRI

The current NPL at TSRI consists of: (i) purified natural products with fully assigned structures, (b) MPLC (on C-18 semipreparative column) fractions, and (c) crude extracts.  The NPL is presented in 384-well format with all materials dissolved in DMSO (1 mM for pure compounds and 50 mg/mL for fractions and extracts), compatible with most of the HTS platforms.

The NPL at TSRI is unique because: (i) all natural products, fractions, and crude extracts are of actinomycetes origin, (ii) all actinomycete strains are from unexplored or underexplored ecological niches that are not available in public strain collections, (iii) each member of the NPL can be produced in sufficient quantities by scale-up microbial fermentation to support follow up mechanistic and preclinical studies, and (iv) enabling combinatorial biosynthesis technologies in metabolite titer improvement and structural diversity address both resupply and lead modification, two of the most daunting challenges all natural products-based drug discovery and development programs face today.

The NPL at TSRI currently available for screening includes: (a) 5,500 strains, (b) 450 pure natural products, (c) 3,400 MPLC fractions, and (d) 8,500 crude extracts.  The NPL grows at the rate of 100 strains/month and crude extracts, MPLC fractions, and pure natural products derived thereof.