Scripps Energy & Materials Center

Jupiter, Florida Campus

At the core of the colossal challenges we face related to sustainability and climate change is the chemistry of the world’s ultimate feedstocks: hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, dinitrogen, water and dioxygen. Surprisingly, in spite of over 100 years of technology developed to utilize these raw materials, the chemistry of these molecules is not well understood. As a result, our largest scale processes for the production of energy, fuels, and materials that are essential to modern life generate more emissions and consume more raw materials than necessary. The mission of the Scripps Energy & Materials Center is to address these challenges at the core by developing the next-generation chemistry to use these molecules. In partnership with industry, government and philanthropic efforts, the Scripps Energy & Materials Center is a part of the world-class research facilities at the newly constructed Scripps Research campus in Jupiter, Florida. The mission of the Scripps Energy & Materials Center is to bring together the best scientific minds at Scripps Research and in the world to address these challenges under one roof.

Scripps Research is a unique organization that combines the best of academia, entrepreneurism, critical mass effort, fast decision-making and world-class science all coupled together in a highly motivating, collaborative environment comprised of some of the best minds in the world. As we have done in the biomedical sciences, the Scripps Energy & Materials Center will work closely not just with government but also industry and philanthropic efforts to put together the required critical-mass and sustained effort to address these challenges.