Metabolic Phenotyping Core (MPC)

Jupiter, Florida Campus

Our goal is to advance the characterization of disease models of cancer, metabolism, neurological and inflammatory diseases by providing validated in vitro and in vivo tests.

Our phenotyping applications span from mitochondrial and cellular metabolism to whole body animal physiology. We provide instrument training, help with experimental design, and data analysis. 

Studies can be performed by our staff, but our IACUC-approved Animal Use Protocols are also available to help investigators use our resources on their own.

We are always willing to build collaborations.
  • CLAMS units (two, with 16 cages each by Columbus Instruments) for the real-time monitoring of whole animal metabolism. VOconsumption, VCO2 production and locomotor activity are measured. The respiratory quotient (RER, RQ), which indicates substrate utilization (fats X carbs), is also obtained.  
  • Minispec LF-50/mq 7.5 NMR (Brucker Optics) analyzer for the non-invasive assessment of body composition of wake mice.
  • BioDAQ system (Research Diets) for the accurate monitoring of food and liquid intake or preference.
  • Metabolic Cages (Tecniplast) collect byproducts from single mouse. Chamber accurately separates urine and feces. 12 units system.
  • MC4000 blood pressure and heart rate analyzer for mice (Tailcuff method, Hatteras Instruments).
  • Mouse Ox Plus Vital signs monitor (Starr Life Sciences) assesses breath rate, arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate from conscious or anesthesized mice non-invasively.
  • The Cobas c311 clinical chemistry analyzer (Roche Diagnostics) performs automated quantitations of a number of biomarkers and metabolites. Glucose, cholesterol, TAG, LDL, HDL, liver transaminases, albumin, C-reactive protein, bilirubin, drugs of abuse (cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol and others), ammonia, creatinine are some examples. Sample processing and photometric readings are fully automated.
  • A Luminex 200(Luminex Coorporation). Allows quantitation of metabolic hormones (insulin, glucagon, GIP, ghrelin, adiponectin, leptin and more), cytokines (TNF-a, IL-1b, IL-1, IL-6, Interferons, more) and protein-protein interactions in multiplex format. The Luminex performs flow cytometric quantification of fluorescent bead-bound antibody antigen complexes. Assays can be fully customized to include any combination of antibodies (up to 100).
  • 24 and 96-wells Seahorse analyzers (Seahorse Biosciences). The Seahorse instrument monitors aerobic respiration plus glycolysis in attached cells, isolated mitochondria or even C. elegans samples in real time. Additionally, it features automated delivery of substrates and compounds with activity specific to each respiratory step, enabling the characterization of mitochondrial function at the enzymatic complex level.
  • An AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner (Eckert & Ziegler) for the detection of radiolabeled compounds in TLC plates. Scanning is digital and takes a few minutes only.

Vivarium Tests Price List

Important: You must have obtained training and IACUC approval to have access to the equipment.

Instrument (location)

Rate (Self-Service)

Rate (run by Core)

CLAMS 1 or 2 (C105)

$315 per day (16 mice) 

$550/day (16 mice)

NMR (C105)

$290 per hour 


plus $5/mouse

BioDAQ (C116C)

$145 per day (7+ days)


$175 per day (7+ days)


Blood Pressure & Heart Rate (C130)

$125 per day (unlimited mice)

$9 per mouse per day (plus $70 equipment charge)




Price List

Reservations: Please email Melissa:

Lab location: B147A


1.  Chemical Analyzer (Roche Cobas c311). Run by Core. Rates per sample.

Metabolic Panel

Liver Panel

































2.  Luminex (Hormone & Cytokines Multiplex)  

Option 1

User purchases kit and runs the assay. Core runs calibration, acquisition and analysis.


Option 2

User provides samples and kit. Core performs the assay, calibration and acquisition.



3.  SeaHorse XF (Cell & Mitochondria Metabolism)

First-time user (required)

Center trains and runs the assay with first time user.

$450 / assay + supplies

Self Service

Per assay instrument fee for trained XF users.

$225/ assay + supplies