High Content Imaging Core (HCIC)

Jupiter, Florida Campus

Our aim is to provide cutting edge instrumentation for High-Content Imaging (HCI), which allows the acquisition of microscopic images in high-throughput. This enables investigators to monitor cellular or subcellular morphology in response to libraries of small molecules or gene-perturbting molecules.  The core also offers resources for primary cell culture and automated liquid handling.

  • The In Cell Analyzer 6000 is an automated laser-based confocal imaging platform compatible with 6-, 12-, 48-, 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates. It has four lasers (405, 488, 561, and 642 nm) and bright field imaging.
  • The EpMotion 5095 by Eppendorf is an automated pippeting robot.
  • The HCI laboratory has a tissue culture laboratory with dissecting and fluorescence microscopes, centrifuge, cell counter, laminar flow cabinets and incubators.
  • For automated analysis of microscopic image stacks, we use the free open source Cell ProfilerTM software, developed by Carpenter et al. at the Sabatini Lab at the BROAD Institute.


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In Cell 6000



All other instruments are free-of-charge*.

Consultation and training are complimentary.


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