Peter Schultz, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Peter Schultz, PhD, is the founder and chief executive officer of Calibr. An academician and experienced entrepreneur, Schultz established Calibr in 2012 as a nonprofit organization with the goal of bridging the gap between academic research and commercial drug development. He assembled a team skilled in translational medicine and partnered with major foundations and pharmaceutical companies to launch drug discovery initiatives. In 2016, he oversaw the merging of Calibr and The Scripps Research Institute (now Scripps Research) to form a first-in-class, “bench-to-bedside” biomedical research organization that allows for seamless collaboration between the two institutes. In early 2018, Calibr’s first drug candidates began entering clinical trials.

In recognition of his seminal contributions to science, Schultz has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Wolf Prize in Chemistry and the Solvay Prize. As well as founding nine biotech and tech companies, he established the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation in 1999, serving as its director for more than 10 years. That experience inspired the founding of Calibr. In recognition, Nature Biotechnology ranked Schultz the #1 translational researcher in 2013.

Schultz earned his undergraduate (summa cum laude) and doctoral degrees at the California Institute of Technology. After postdoctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he joined the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley in 1985, where he eventually became a chemistry professor, a principal investigator at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. He joined the faculty of The Scripps Research Institute in 1999, where he is currently President and CEO.

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