Anette Schneemann

Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Biology
TSRI - 1995


Ph. D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992

Awards & Activities

Chair, Membership Review Committee, American Society for Virology; Member, Nodaviridae Study Group, International Committe for the Taxonomy of Viruses; Editorial Board, Virology.

Research Focus

Viral assembly, structure and function
Research in our laboratory focuses on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of virus assembly and defining the structure-function relationships of virus particles. Viruses under investigation are icosahedral RNA-containing viruses, such as nodavirues and tetraviruses, whose structure is known at high resolution. We use biochemical, genetic and molecular biological techniques to define the parameters that are required for specific packaging of the genome and formation of a capsid that is capable of performing the functions required during the viral life cycle, e.g. interaction with the cellular receptor, particle entry and uncoating. We have developed conditions under which particles with novel geometries are synthesized and under which heterologous nucleic acids are encapsidated. We are using our knowledge of capsid assembly and RNA packaging to engineer virus particles as biomolecular platforms that display tumor targeting agents on their surface, deliver anti-tumor genes and can be used as non-invasive imaging agents.

List of Publications

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