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RELEASE OF THE MGLTOOLS version 1.4.2 is now available to download
on our web site.
It is available for LINUX, SGI, WINDOWS and MacOSX (05-24-06).

A tutorial for APBS Command for PMV is now available at

PMV tutorial pdf format (January 14 2004)

A fixed version of the msms standalone for i86Linux2 is now available for download.(October 2003)

Hand out of the 'Using AutoDock with AutoDockTools' tutorial is available to download
     At the Molecular Graphics Lab (MGL) of the Scripps Research institute we are investigating molecular interactions. We have a particular interest in protein-ligand and protein-protein docking.
Simulating, analyzing and understanding complex interactions of molecular systems requires computational methods that come from areas as diverse as computational Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Engeneering. One of the challenges in our daily work is the efficient use of this wide variety of, often rapidly evolving, computational methods used by our simulations.
Over the last few years we have investigated a new strategy for developing our simulation and analysis software. This new approach is based on the idea of using the interpreted language Python as the environment in which we develop independent and re-usable components to deal with different aspects of structural bioinformatics.

Michel F. Sanner, Ph.D.

This work is supported by the following funding agencies/organizations
mgllab, February 2001, (