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Molecular graphics Laboratory
Department of Molecular Biology, TPC26
10550 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037
tel: (858) 784-7742
fax: (858) 784-2341
directions: 3377 North Torrey Pines Rd. Suite 100 (map)


Research Interests

Software development - Python

I have an interest in component based software development with a particular emphasis on 3D visualization. I have started using the Python programing language as my primary software development paltform in 1997. My laboratory has released several tools based on this approach: PMV, ADT and ViPEr (Demo video requires XviD codec for Windows, for Mac OS X. More about these tools here (documentation, tutorials, papers, download)

PMV: Python-Based Molecular Viewing environment

The Python Molecule Viewer has most of the features usually expected in a molecule viewer and more...

More importantly, PMV was built from independent components that are re-usable in other applications.

Vision:Visual-Programming environment

Vision is a visual-programming environment in which a user can interactively build networks describing novel combinations of computational methods, and yielding new visualizations of their data without actually writing code.
The work won the award for the best paper at the 2002 International Python Conference help in Alexandria Virginia (February 2002).
Nodes can be defined or modified interactively during a session and be saved.
Multiple networks can be loaded at the same time.
Sub networks can be encapsulated in Macro nodes.
Many of the nodes available in the Vision's library expose the functionality of the same packages used to develop PMV.

Molecular Surfaces

An OpenGL based Molecular Surface Viewer

An OpenGL based Molecular Surface Viewer.
This software is no longer supported. We strongly recommend you consider using PMV instead.

Lattice Modeling of Proteins

  • Lattice models of proteins are used to circumvent the combinatorial aspect of protein modeling. We are currently building up a Protein Lattice Modeling Home Page where we will provide software and results in that field.

  • This MPEG movie shows the calculation of optimal lattice models for a given lattice-to-protein orientation (1.5Mb).

Computational Geometry (Voronoi and Delaunay diagrams)

  • Molecular structures can be looked at as 3-dimensional graphs, the atoms being the vertices and the bonds the edges. During my PhD. thesis I investigated the use of Delaunay and Voronoi diagrams in the field of molecular modeling.

Computer Graphics

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Michel Sanner
March 1997