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Sheldon Michaelson

Sheldon Michaelson received his BSc and PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Alberta, Canada. Under the tutelage of Dr. William F. Colmers, he developed organotypic slice cultures of the amygdala, as a model to study stress-related circuitry. Using this novel in vitro method, coupled with electrophysiology, and morphological analysis of pyramidal neurons, he generated mechanistic insights into the physiology governing stress, stress resilience/vulnerability and the signal transduction processes underlying plasticity changes caused by various neuropeptides.

Currently, his work in the Rumbaugh Lab focuses on deciphering how mutations in Syngap1 alter cortical circuitry, using Syngap1 haploinsufficient mice as a model for intellectual disability. The rodent whisker-related tactile system provides a well-defined system for exploring the association between molecular processes, synaptic circuits, and behavior. He will use this system, in conjunction with 2-photon calcium imaging of freely behaving mice, to unravel how circuit dysfunction causes behavioral and cognitive aspects of intellectual disability.

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