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Chris Hubbs

Christopher Hubbs received his Undergraduate Degrees from Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University in the fields of Business Management and Biotechnology. During his internship at CuRNA, a Scripps spinoff company, he became proficient at cell culture screening, qRT-PCR, molecular biomarker assays, and drug discovery.

Since joining Scripps in 2011, he has developed a High-content, primary neuron based, screening platform to facilitate the discovery of novel chemical probes that trigger increases in synaptic connectivity. We believe these probes could then serve as developmental platforms for future generations of drugs that treat a wide range of brain disorders.

Currently, the project is now capable of screening small scale LOPAC libraries in 384-well plates, and the platform is now being optimized for High-Content and High-Throughput applications with the Scripps Research Institute Molecular Screening Center.

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