A major focus of our research effort concerns the synthesis of stereochemically complex, biologically active natural products. Natural products of considerable current interest include (among others): durhamycin A and B, members of the aureolic acid antibiotic family; angelimicin B, a signal transduction pathway inhibitor; tedanolide, scytophycin C, apoptolidin, and superstolide A -- four structurally complex macrolide antibiotics; quartromicin D, an antiviral agent; and various members of the amphidinolide and Annonaceous acetogenin families. Significant emphasis is placed on the discovery, development, and/or illustration of new reactions and synthetic methods in this research. Some of these synthesis projects involve intramolecular cycloaddition reactions. Others make use of acyclic diastereoselective or enantioselective stereochemical techniques. Still others focus on the development and illustration of new methods for synthesis of glycosides.