Named Lectureships

Glaxo Lecturer, University of North Carolina                                  
Burkett Lecturer, DuPauw University                                         
Bristol-Myers Squibb Lecturer, Syracuse University           
Abbott Lecturer, University of California at Berkeley             
Merck Lecturer, Bucknell University                                                   
Syntex Lecturer, University of Colorado                                             
J. Clarence Karcher Lecturer, University of Oklahoma                
Warner Lambert Lecturer, Ohio State University                            
SmithKline-Beecham Lecturer, University of Puerto Rico             
Wyeth-Ayerst/Penn Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania           
Convention intercantonale romande pour l'enseignement
du 3ème Cycle en chimie (Switzerland)                                                
Merck Lecturer, Swarthmore College                                                  
Bristol Myers Squibb Lecturer, Columbia University                      
Bristol Myers Squibb Lecturer, MIT                                              
Closs Lecturer, University of Chicago                                                  
Bristol Myers Squibb Lecturer, Harvard University                         
Organic Synthesis Lecturer, UC Irvine                                                  
Organic Syntheses Distinguished Lecturer, Notre Dame     
Abbott Distinguished Lecturer, Abbott                                                 
Novartis Lecturer, University of Texas, Austin                                            
Lilly Lecturer, University of Minnesota                                                      
Frontiers in Chemistry Lecturer, Case Western Reserve                                
American Cyanamid Lecturer, Bryn Mawr                                            
Bristol Myers Squibb Lecturer, Scripps Research Institute                    
Ritchie Memorial Lecturer, Sydney Univ. Chemical Society,
Sydney, Australia                                                                                 
Boehringer-Ingelheim Lecturer, Université de Sherbrooke                    
Bristol Myers Squibb Lecturer, University of Illinois                            
Merck Lecturer, French Organic Chemical Society, Paris                            
Oppolzer Lecturer, University of Geneva                                                 
Servier Lecturer, Université de Montreal                                               
Pfizer Lecturer, Universitiy of Ottawa                                                         
Pfizer Lectureship, Guelph-Waterloo Centre                                                   
Wyeth Lecturer, Princeton University                                                   
Roche Lecturer, University of Colorado, Boulder                                    
Gary Griffin Memorial Lecture, Univ. of New Orleans                           
Pfizer Lecturer, Harvard University                                                             
Boehringer Ingelheim Lecturer, University of Alberta                          
Wyeth Lecturer, Princeton University                                                    
AstraZeneca Lecturer, University of British Columbia                            
Bayer Student Organic Seminar, University of Pennsylvania                   
Merck Frosst Distinguished Lectureship, Queen’s University              
GlaxoSmithKline Lecturer, 6th Bristol Synthesis Meeting                              
Donald Cram Lecturer, UCLA                                                              
Ernst Schering Lectures, Berlin                                                              
Robert Murray Lecture, University of Missouri                                           
Mack Award Lecture, Ohio State University                                                
Ireland Lecture, University of Virginia                                                      
Robert A. Welch Lecture, Texas A&M University                                   
Robert A. Welch Lecture, Sam Houston State University                         
Robert A. Welch Lecture, Texas Women’s University                               


Invited Participation in Symposia and Conferences


-Lecturer, Symposium on Synthetic Methods and Processes, M.I.T.        


-Lecturer, Frontiers in Organic Synthesis Symposium, U. Vermont                          
-Lecturer, Thirteenth Annual NSF Workshop on Organic Synthesis
and Natural Products Chemistry   


-Conference on Yellow Rain, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, MA                                       
-Lecturer, Advances in Applied Enzymology Symposium, M.I.T.                            
-Discussion Leader, Gordon Research Conference on Trichothecenes,
Plymouth, NH                                                                                                
-Lecturer, Eli Lilly Organic Synthesis Symposium, Indianapolis, IN                        


-Lecturer, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
-Conference on Trichothecenes, VT                                                               


-Lecturer, Spring Synthesis Symposium, Carleton University, Canada                     
-Lecturer, Gordon Research Conference on Trichothecenes and Fusarium
Mycotoxins, Colby-Sawyer College, NH                                                     
-Lecturer, Gordon Research Conference on Carbohydrates, Tilton, NH                   
-Lecturer, ACS Symposium on Natural Products Synthesis
(Metrochem '85), New York                                                                         
-Lecturer, Ninth International Symposium on "Synthesis in Organic
Chemistry", Oxford, England                                                                       


-Lecturer, VPI Symposium on Latest Trends in Organic Synthesis,
Blacksburg, VA                                                                                             
-Lecturer, Gordon Conference on Stereochemistry                                                   
-Lecturer, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
-Conference on Trichothecene Mycotoxicosis, Colorado                              


-Lecturer, Molecular Recognition in Organic Synthesis Symposium,
Ohio State University                                                                                    
-Keynote Lecturer, 25th Annual MIKIW Meeting, Lawrence, KA                          
-Lecturer, Symposium on "Asymmetric Synthesis of Carbohydrates from
-Acyclic Precursors," 194th National ACS Meeting, New Orleans               


-Lecturer, Indiana University Chemistry Addition Dedication Symposium             
-Lecturer, Philadelphia and Wilmington Organic Chemists Club 20th
Biennial Symposium                                                                                      
-Lecturer, Symposium on Natural Products Synthesis, Southeast Regional
ACS Meeting, Corpus Christi, TX                                                                


-Lecturer, Award Symposium for the 1990 ACS Award for Creative Work
in Synthetic Organic Chemistry received by Clayton Heathcock,
Boston ACS Meeting                                                                                    
-Lecturer, Symposium on Natural Products Synthesis, 23rd Great Lakes
Regional ACS Meeting, DeKalb, IL                                                             
-Lecturer, U.S.-England NSF-SERC Workshop on Organic Synthesis,
Pingree Park, Colorado                                                                                 


-Lecturer, "Organometallic Reagents in Carbohydrate Synthesis"
Symposium, 1991 ACS Meeting in Atlanta                                                  
-Lecturer, "Current Methods for Enantioselective Synthesis," sponsored
by Monsanto Company, St. Louis                                                                 
-Lecturer, "Synthesis of Natural Products" Symposium, 24th Great Lakes
Regional ACS Meeting, Indianapolis                                                           
-Lecturer, Gordon Conference on Reactions and Processes                                      
-Lecturer, Symposium on Heterocycles in Asymmetric Synthesis,
13th International Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Corvallis               
-Lecturer, Symposium on Natural Products Synthesis, SERMACS                          
North Carolina


-Lecturer, Symposium on Asymmetric Processes, Royal Society
of Chemistry Perkin Division Congress, Manchester, England                    
-Lecturer, 1992 Nozaki Conference, Yokohama, Japan                                             
-Lecturer, XVIth International Carbohydrate Symposium, Paris, France                  
-Award Lecture, 1992 Alan R. Day Award given by the
Philadelphia Organic Chemist's Club                                                            


-Lecturer, VIIIth International Meeting on Boron Chemistry, Knoxville, TN          
-Lecturer, 3rd Max Tischler Memorial Lecture Meeting,                                           
Kitasato Institute, Tokyo, Japan


-Lecturer, Award Symposium for the 1994 ACS Award for Creative Work            
in Synthetic Organic Chemistry received by Stuart Schreiber,
San Diego National ACS Meeting                                                                        
-Lecturer, Stereochemistry Gordon Conference, Newport, R.I.                                
-Award Lecture, 1994 Arthur C. Cope Award Symposium,                                     
Washington D.C. National ACS Meeting

-Lecturer, Symposium on Total Synthesis of Natural Products, 78th                        
Canadian Society of Chemistry Conference, Guelph, Ontario
-Lecturer, Fifth International Meeting of the French-American Chemical                
Society, Bordeaux, France
-Lecturer, NSF Workshop on Organic Synthesis and Natural Products                    
Chemistry, Tomales Bay, CA
-Lecturer, Princeton ACS Organic Chemistry Symposium                                          
-Lecturer, Gulf Coast Chemistry Conference, Pensacola Beach, FL                         
-Lecturer, Symposium on Organometallics in Organic Transformations                    
Synthesis and Asymmetric Catalysis, Pacific Basin Chemical
Congress, Hawaii


-Lecturer, Symposium on Recent Advances in Organic Synthesis,                           
University of Montreal
-Lecturer, Natural Products Gordon Conference                                                       
-Lecturer, 7th Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis, Rio de Janeiro                    


-Lecturer, Lexington, KY, ACS Section Meeting                                                     
-Lecturer, Award Symposium for the 1997 ACS Hudson Award in                        
Carbohydrate Chemistry, received by Samuel Danishefsky,                                
San Francisco National ACS Meeting
-Lecturer, Symposium on the Art of Organic Synthesis, 80th                                   
Canadian Society of Chemistry Conference, Windsor, Ontario
-Lecturer, NSF Workshop on Organic Synthesis and Natural Products                    
Chemistry, Tomales Bay, CA


-Lecturer, University of Colorado-Syntex/Roche Symposium on Organic
Synthesis, Boulder, CO                                                                                  1998
-Lecturer, Natural Products Gordon Conference, New England College, NH         
-Lecturer, Heterocycles Gordon Conference, Salve Regina University, RI              


-Lecturer, Chemistry as a Life Science Symposium X - 2000, Rutgers, NJ               
-Lecturer, Novartis Lectureship Series (Basel, Switzerland)                                      
-Lecturer, Award Symposium for the 2000 ACS Ernest Guenther Award
received by Pierre Potier, San Francisco National ACS Meeting                 
-Plenary Lecturer, Symposium on Organic Synthesis, Hope College                        
-Lecturer, AstraZeneca Excellence in Chemistry Award Symposium                       
-Lecturer, Advances in Asymmetric Synthesis Symposium,                                              
2000 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin
Societies Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii                                                            


-Lecturer, 2nd Annual Connecticut Organic Chemistry Symposium                         
-Lecturer, 2nd Spring Organic Chemistry Symposium, North Jersey ACS               
-Plenary Lecturer, Oppolzer Symposium (Geneva, Switzerland)                               


-Plenary Lecturer, IUPAC Meeting on Organic Synthesis
Christchurch, New Zealand                                                                          
-Plenary Lecturer, XXIst International Carbohydrate Symposium,
Cairns, Australia                                                                                            


-Lecturer, Reactions and Processes Gordon Conference, Rhode Island                   
-Lecturer, Carbohydrates Gordon Conference, New Hampshire                               
-Lecturer, 4th Annual UCSD/Merck Symposium on Perspectives
in Organic Synthesis, UCSD                                                                        


-Award Lecture, Guenther Award Symposium, ACS, Anaheim                               
Lecturer, Symposium on Frontiers of Organic Synthesis and New
-Methodologies, ACS Central Regional Meeting,  Indianapolis                                
-Lecturer, Natural Products Gordon Conference, New Hampshire                           
-Plenary Lecturer, ORCHEM 2004, Göttingen, Germany                                         


-Plenary Lecturer, New Frontiers in Organic Synthesis Symposium,
Lilly-Spain (Madrid)                                                                                     
-Keynote Speaker, Singapore International Chemical Conference, Singapore          


-Plenary Speaker, 9th Frank Warren Conference on Organic Chemistry
University of Cape Town, South Africa                                                       
-Lecturer, Frontiers in Biomedical Research Symposium, Indian Wells, CA            
-Lecturer,  Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition (FAME), Orlando                    


-Lecturer, Fresnius Award Symposium, ACS, Chicago                                             
-Lecturer, 11th ICSN Symposium, Gif-sur-Yvettte, France                                       
-Lecturer, ACS Advances in Drug Design Symposium, San Francisco                     


-Lecturer, Balticum Organicum Syntheticum, Vilnius, Lithuania                              
-Lecturer, Heterocycles Gordon Conference                                                             
-Lecturer, Donald S. Matteson Symposium in Organic Chemistry,
Washington St. University                                                                            
-Plenary Lecturer, Eli Lilly Europe Graduate Student Awards Symposium


-Lecturer, Natural Products Gordon Conference                                                       
-Lecturer, Beckmann Symposium on New Frontiers in Academic
Medicine and Therapeutic Development, City of Hope, Los Angeles         
-Lecturer, Symposium on Drug Design, Discovery and Delivery
University of Central Florida, Tampa                                                           


-Plenary Lecturer, 11th Annual Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic
Conference, Gainesville, FL                                                                          
-Lecturer, New York Academy of Sciences Symposium on “Metabolic
Regulation and Human Disease”                                                                  
-Lecturer, Robert B. Woodward Symposium, ACS, Boston                                     
-Lecturer, 11th Biennial Frontiers in Organic Chemistry Symposium,
University of Illinois (sponsored by Johnson and Johnson)                          
-Plenary Lecturer, Eckerd College Science Symposium, ExplorinG
Critical Issues in Science”                                                                             


-Plenary Lecturer, Zinc Conference on Natural Products Synthesis
and Biosynthesis, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt                                                    
-Plenary Lecturer, Symposium on Natural Products Synthesis,
Organic Chemistry Division of the Korean Chemical Society,
Jeju, Korea                                                                                                     
-Lecturer, 4th PKU-Eli Lilly Symposium of Organic Chemistry,
Peking University, China                                                                              



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