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Luke Wiseman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Medicine
California Campus
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(858) 784-8820

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Research Focus

Protein misfolding and human disease

Conversion of genetic information into functional protein products requires the proper folding of polypeptide chains in the crowded intracellular environment. Disruption of these folding pathways through exposure to either environmental or genetic factors is associated with numerous human diseases – collectively referred to as protein misfolding diseases. Using proteomic, biophysical and cell biological approaches, work in the Wiseman lab is directed towards understanding the physical, chemical and biological factors that dictate intracellular protein folding as it relates to human disease. Currently, we have three ongoing projects focused on protein folding in vivo: 1) development of novel biosensors that report on protein folding in the complex intracellular environment; 2) characterization of mitochondrial folding efficiency in the context of neurodegenerative disease; and 3) elucidation of the impact of intracellular signaling pathways on protein folding and trafficking in the early secretory pathway.


B.S., Chemistry, University of Virginia, 2001
Ph.D., Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute, 2005

Selected References

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Cooley, CB; Ryno, LM; Plate, L; Morgan, GJ; Hulleman, JD; Kelly, JW; Wiseman, RL (2014) Unfolded Protein Response Activation Reduces Secretion and Extracellular Aggregation of Amyloidogenic Immunoglobulin Light Chain, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 111, 13046-13051. 

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Shoulders, MD; Ryno, LM; Genereux, JC; Moresco, JJ; Tu, PG; Yates, III, JR; Su, AI; Kelly, JW; Wiseman, RL (2013) Stress-independent Activation of XBP1s and/or ATF6 Reveals Three Functionally Diverse ER Proteostasis Environments, Cell Reports, 3, 1279-1292.

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