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Christopher Parker, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
California Campus
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(858) 784-2108

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Faculty, Graduate Program


B.S., Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 2007
Ph.D., Chemistry , Yale University , 2013

Professional Experience

American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute, 2013-2018

Awards & Professional Activities

2017    Aspen Cancer Conference Fellow
2014-2017   American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow
2009    Dox Fellowship in Recognition of Excellence in Academics and Research in Organic Chemistry
2008    T.F. Cooke Award for Teaching Assistant Excellence
2007    Polymer Valley Chemical Undergraduate Research Award
2006    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Undergraduate Research Fellowship
2005    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Undergraduate Research Fellowship
2005    Merck Index Award
2005-2007   Case Western Reserve Alumni Scholarship
2003-2007   Full tuition scholarship - Case Western Reserve University


Selected References

Parker, C.G.#; Cravatt, B.F. # “Chemistry Takes Center Stage for Identifying Cancer Targetability” Cell, 2018, 173, 815. (#co-corresponding authors, Preview)

Galmozzi, A.*; Parker, C.G.*, Kok, B. P.; Cravatt, B.F.; Saez, E. “Discovery of Modulators of Adipocyte Physiology Using Fully Functionalized Fragments” Methods Mol Biol, 2018, 1787, 115. (*co-first authors)

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    Featured in News and Analysis in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 2017, 16, 225; as a Research Highlight in Nature Protocols, 2017, 225, 52; recommended on F1000prime as being of special significance; highlighted online in Science Translational Medicine: In the Pipeline (3/2/2017) and in Drug Discovery News; TSRI Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2017.

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McEnaney, P. J.*; Parker, C.G.*; Zhang, A.X.* Spiegel, D.A. “Antibody-Recruiting Molecules: An Emerging Paradigm for Engaging Immune Function in Treating Human Disease,” ACS Chemical Biology, 2012, 7, 1139-1151. (*co-first authors)

Parker, C.G.; Domaoal, R.A.; Anderson, K.S.; Spiegel, D.A.  “An Antibody-Recruiting Small Molecule That Targets HIV gp120,” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009, 131, 16392-16394.

This work was also featured as a spotlight in ACS Chemical Biology, 2009, 4, 975, and was highlighted online by Drug Discovery News, Popular Science, and as ACS Noteworthy Chemistry

Garner, P.; Hu, J.; Parker, C. G.; Youngs, W. J.; Medvetz, D. "The Cu(I) Catalyzed Exo-Selective Asymmetric Multicomponent [C+NC+CC] Coupling Reaction” Tetrahedron Lett, 2007,48 3867.