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CBB Events

The Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBB) Affinity Group periodically invites prominent scientists to Scripps as part of our CBB Lecture series.  More details to come soon....

In addition, the CBB regularly hosts working group meetings for the local community.  These meetings are designed to provide feedback to the Scripps on data analysis strategies, and to serve as an incubator for formal collaborations between participating groups.  All Scripps scientists are welcome to attend.  The current presentation schedule is shown below:


Date Presenter(s)
October 2011 Dwight Kono
Michael Petrascheck
January 2012 Linda Sherman
Micheal McHeyzer-Williams
February 2012 Matt Shoulders / Luke Wiseman
March 2012 Dennis Wolan
April 2012 Claudio Joazeiro
May 2012 Peter Hedlund / John Griffin
June 2012

Martin Lotz

July 2012

Mike Conkright

January 2013 Jonathan Hart
February 2013 Andrew Routh
March 2013 Jamie Williamson / Joey Davis
April 2013 Tobin Dickerson / Andrew Kale
May 2013 Hugh Rosen
June 2013 Anton Maximov
September 2013   Beth Thomas
October 2013 Gary Siuzdak
November 20, 2013 Jiang Zhu
August 20, 2014

Andrew Routh