Interested in T cells and chemical biology?  Two NIH-funded postdoctoral positions are available for highly motivated candidates starting in January 2021 using our newly developed FucoID to detect antigen-specific T cells in human cancer patient samples and in murine autoimmune disease models in the laboratory of Prof. Peng Wu, Department of Molecular Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA.

Successful candidates will have a recent Ph.D. in chemical biology, cell biology, immunology and experiences with murine models.  Training in multi-color flow cytometry, fluorescent imaging, T-cell or cancer immunology is a plus.

Interested candidates should send an application packet, including all of the following as a single PDF file by email to Dr. Peng Wu: 

  1. Cover letter indicating current and future research interests;
  2. Expected starting date;
  3. Curriculum vitae;
  4. A brief summary of previous research experience;
  5. Names and contact information for 3 references.


November 2021

Oxford is delighted to present the 2021 Glycobiology Significant Achievement Award to Peng. The award was given to Peng during the Annual Meeting of the Society for Glycobiology, in San Diego, California.


February 2021

Congratulations to Senlian to accept a PI position at Peking University!


October 2020

Our FucoID  is featured  in C&En News “Targeting tumor-specific T cells”

Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research (ACIR) Spotlight


August 2020

Yujie and Zhuo passed their candidacy exams. Congratulations!


July 2020

Senlian, in collaboration with the Macauley and Paulson labs, discovered that high-affinity cis ligand can block Siglec-7 inhibitory signaling


April 2020

Check out our new preprint: Detecting Tumor Specific Antigen-Reactive T cells from Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes via Interaction Dependent Fucosyl-biotinylation.

Senlian discovered that besides sialylated glycans, a-1-2-linked fucosides also serve as receptors for influenzas viruses.


March 2020

Our zebrafish imaging work is highlighted in Nature:


November 2019

SuFExable Polymers with Helical Structures!


December 2018

Chemical & Engineering News: Sugar-transferring enzyme adds antibody to cell surface


August 2016

Abu Defended.  Congratulations!

October 2015
Abu receives a Poster Prize Award at the European & International Chemical Biology Society symposium in Berlin, Germany. Congratulations!
May 2015


Albert Einstein College of Medicine Commencement
Avery Fisher Hall Lincoln Center
Sara graduated!


January 2015

Hao and Brian’s paper are reported in Chemical & Engineering News

Single Glycoproteins Caught In Motion


Peng Speaks at the 2nd Scripps Alumni Symposium (with Prof. Paulson)



September 2014



Peng organizes Click Chemistry in Biology and Medicine: New Developments and Strategies at the New York Academy of Sciences
(at the reception with Prof. Jim Paulson and Prof. K. Barry Sharpless)