The Sathya Puthanveettil Laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute Florida

Neuroscience Outreach

The Puthanveettil laboratory is involved in several outreach activities.  We are engaged in simplifying complex neuroscience concepts using mass media communication tools such as production of video animations, and science demonstrations for students and the public  at various outreach events.  We actively participate in the Scripps Institute’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program and Keenan Fellowship program for high school students.  In addition, students from neighboring institutes such as Florida Atlantic University and Florida Institute of Technology, have interned in our lab and participated in our research activities.

The following are examples of our outreach efforts.

Event organized by: Deborah Leach-Scampavia, Director of Education Outreach, Scripps Florida

2012, 2013 and 2014 Scripps Florida Education Day at Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Understanding human brain by studying the brain of snail Aplysia.


Mandel Public Library

A series of three lectures were given to the public at the Mandel Public Library (March 2014) on higher brain functions, neural circuits, memory storage and disorders of the human brain.


H.L. Watkins Middle School

Dr. Puthanveettil gave a lecture on basic anatomy of human brain and demonstrated firing of Aplysia (sea slug) neurons using “Spiker Box” (December 2013).



Alzheimer’s Disease video for public awareness Production of brain awareness video
video 1 video 1
Animation by: Valerio Rizzo, PhD
Puthanveettil Laboratory
Animation by: Valerio Rizzo, PhD
Puthanveettil Laboratory

Valerio Rizzo, has produced an animation to demonstrate fly through the brain and how neurons communicate with each other.  We used this video in several public presentations of our research.

Valerio Rizzo, Research Associate has  summarized our research on kinesin and memory in this video. This animation shows fly through the brain, neurotransmitter release and kinesin mediated axonal transport.

This video Kinesin: a critical mediator of long-term memory storage, was selected as one of the top ten at the Society of Neuroscience Brain Awareness video contest.



Neuroscience for all!

Demonstration of neuronal activity. Using the Spiker Box developed by “Backyard Brain” we are carrying out neuroscience demonstrations in local schools to describe how neurons communicate with each other and how muscle movements are controlled by the nervous system.


Course on “Workings of the Brain- How we remember”.

We are currently developing a course on memory and the workings of the brain for students and teachers at several of our local schools. Details on this program will be posted in the near future. 

Educational Resources

We highly recommend the following websites for educational resources.

  1. Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Science Education
  2. The Official Site of the Nobel Prize - Educational
  3. WelcomeTrust - Educational Resources
  4. Society For Neuroscience - Educational Programs
  5. Coursera - Online Courses
  6. Sumanas, Inc. - Multimedia Development Services
  7. Biology 7th Edition - Chapter Animations
  8. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center - Animation Library
  9. UC Berkley - Biological Animations, Movies and Lectures
  10. Harvard University - BioVisions
  11. National Science Foundation - Education Discoveries
  12. National Institute for Health - Science Education