The Sathya Puthanveettil Laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute - Scripps Florida

Laboratory News

August Nadine selected as Neuroscience Scholars Program Fellow to attend Society for Neuroscience annual meeting! Congrats Nadine!
August Kaylyn leaves the lab after a very productive summer research. All the best Kaylyn!
August NSF SURF student Kaylyn’ work on transcriptional pathways of long-term memory storage was selected as one among the top three posters during the 2017 undergraduate poster presentations. Hearty Congrats Kaylyn! We are very proud of you.
August Graduate student Nadine Joseph joins the lab. Welcome Nadine!
July High school students Vinay and Surya leave the lab after their internship! All best with your career!
June Surya Gowda from Suncoast Community High School and Vinay Malut from Palm Beach Community High School join the lab as summer high school interns. Welcome Surya and Vinay!
June Kaylyn Clark, undergraduate student from University of Maryland joins the lab as an NSF SURF student. Welcome Kaylyn!
May Amina Ali wins scholarship from Florida Atlantic University to continue her studies on regulation of kinesins in marine snail Aplysia. Congrats Amina!!!
May Idia, Asha and Christine complete their internships in the lab ….All the very best to each of you!
May High school students win admission to prestigious BS MD programs. Asha selected into University of Miami and Christine selected into Wake Forest University. Congrats Asha and Christine!
February Supriya’s art work was chosen as cover art for the March issue of Biological Psychiatry CNNI. Congrats Supriya!
January Dr. Isabel Espadas Villanueva joins the lab to study the role of noncoding RNAs in memory consolidation. Welcome Isabel!
November Puthanveettil lab identify molecular substrates of long-term memory and novel role of prelimbic cortex in encoding contextual fear memory.
October Puthanveettil lab receives grant award from the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation.
September Puthanveettil lab receives R21 grant funding from the National Institute of Drub Abuse.
August High School students Purbasha (Asha) Rahman from Suncoast High School and Christine Marlow from Oxbridge Academy, receive funding support from Kenan Foundation to continue their research in the lab. Congratulations!
July Together with Courntey Miller, Puthanveettil receives an R21 award from NIH/NIDA.
June High School students Purbasha (Asha) Rahman from Suncoast High School and Christine Marlow from Oxbridge Academy, join the lab as Kenan Fellows.
June Supriya presents her research at the Gordon Conference on Cell Biology of Neuron. Congrats Supriya!
May Adya Amina Ali, Undergraduate student in the lab, wins Summer Undergraduate Fellowship from Florida Atlantic University to continue her studies in the lab. Congrats Amina!
May After more than a year of productive time in the lab Bella and Marvez leave Scripps for their undergraduate studies! We are proud of your accomplishments. Glad that both of you will be in Boston! All the very best!
May Bella and Marvez receive highly competitive Pathfinder awards. Congratulations!
April Sathya invited to talk at Stetson University
March Sathya invited to talk at Nova Southwestern University
March High School student Marvez accepted to MIT and Bella accepted to Boston College. Congrats Marvez and Bella!
March Supriya and Bindu present their research at Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Conference. Congrats Bindu and Supriya!
Februray Scripps Graduate student, Eddie Grinman decided to stay in the Puthanveettil lab for his graduate program. Eddie is interested in understanding gene expression networks in memory.
January Sathya invited to talk at Alzheimer’s Medical Symposium
January Research Associates Bindu Raveendra and Supriya Swarnkar win “Young Investigator Award” from Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. Congrats Bindu and Supriya!
January High school student Gabrielle Marvez in the lab wins outstanding research award and a second place in regional science fair. Congrats Marvez!
January High School Student Isabella Greene presents her work at Miami Winter Symposia. Congrats Bella!
November Kerriann Badal from Florida Atlantic University joins as Research Technician. Welcome Kerriann!
October Scripps Graduate student Eddie Grinman started his rotation in the lab. Welcome Eddie!
October Our paper on Automated analysis of mitochondrial transport accepted in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. Congrats Xin-An!
September Supriya wins “Sandelman Award” for excellence in scientific research! Congrats Supriya!
September Awarded R21 grant award from NIH!
September Undergraduate students Idia Enogieru and Adya Amina Ali join the lab. Welcome Idia and Amina!
September High school student Isabella wins support to continue her research in the lab from Kenan Foundation. Congrats Bella!
August Sathya wins NSF CAREER award!
July Marvez wins Ballenisles scholarship to continue her studies in the lab. Congrats Marvez!
July Revathy departs from the lab to carry out her undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at Rice University! All the best Revathy!
July Dr. Yosef Avchalumov joins the lab. Welcome Yosef!
June Xin-An Liu leaves the lab after a very productive post-doc. Good luck Xin-An!
June High school students Marvez and Revathy join the lab as summer interns. Welcome!
May Dr. Supriya Swarnkar joins the lab. Welcome Supriya!
April Undergraduate student Connor leaves the lab! Good luck Conner
April Beena leaves the lab after a very productive post-doc. Wishing you good luck Beena!
March Undergraduate student Alina presents her work at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting on “Wiring the Brain”. Congrats Alina!
February Khalid leaves the lab after a brief visit. Thank you Khalid!
February Beena published her work on lncRNAs in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. Congratulations Beena!
January Undergraduate student Alina received prestigious “Goldwater Scholarship”! Congratulations Alina! Proud of you!
January Sathya is promoted to Associate Professor!
December Valerio Rizzo left the lab. Good luck Valerio!
November Sathya joins Alzheimer’s Association’s South Florida Chapter as one of the Board of Directors!
November Valerio publishes a mini review on single neuron aging in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Congrats!
October Xin-An’s paper on protein cargos of kinesins in mouse hippocampus and prefrontal cortex published in PNAS! Congrats!
  Beena publishes development of HTS assay for identifying kinesin Regulators in Assay and Drug Development Technologies. Congrats!
  Isabella Green, high school student at Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches joins our lab. Welcome Isabella!
September Xin-An presents her work on RNA transport at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting on “Translational Control”. Congrats Xin-An!
July Collaboration with Yun-Beom Choi and Eric Kandel published in PLOS One!
  Beena present her research at the Gordon Research Conference on “Cell Biology of Neuron”. Congratulations!
June High school student Jennifer McCrate accepted into Vanderbilt for undergraduate studies. Congratulations Jennifer!  
  SURF student Alina Afinogenova from Rutgers University joins Puthanveettil lab. Welcome Alina!
May Undergraduate student Jeff Richman accepted into UCLA for his doctorate. Congratulations Jeff!
  Komol gave a talk at “USA-Uzbekistan Conference in Life Sciences.” Congratulations!
April Congratulations Beena and Xin-An. Manuscript published in Frontiers in Genentics!
March Award from Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation!
Public lectures on Human Brain and Memory Storage, Mandel Public Library.
February R01 Award from NIMH!
January Congratulations Komol, Valeri and Beena! Manuscripts published in Jove, PLOS One and BMC Genomics.
December Congratulations Beena! Beena Kadakkuzha wins “Young Investigator Award” from Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.
October Beena present her research at the Gordon Research Conference on “Cell Biology of Neuron”. Congratulations!
July Congratulations Jennifer! High school intern Jennifer Mccrate is awarded a “BallenIsles Fellowship”
  CongratulationsXin-An! Xin-An presented her work on kinesin cargos at a recent Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on "Wiring the Brain."
Congratulations Alex. Alexandra Kaye, summer intern joins Wellesley College for her undergraduate studies.