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Measles. Polio. Smallpox. These diseases, which once claimed millions of lives, no longer threaten our loved ones — and it's all because of biomedical research.

For more than 50 years, The Scripps Research Institute has been one of the few nonprofit charities at the forefront of biomedical science, a vital segment of medical research that seeks to comprehend the most fundamental processes of life — and discover the clues that lead to cures.

Scripps Research cultivates an interdisciplinary spirit where biologists and chemists can work hand-in-hand toward a common goal. With more than 680 U.S. patents in our name, our inventions are revolutionizing the medical field.

But as funding for vital research dwindles, we need your help! By making a tax-deductible gift today, you will sustain our work as we discover treatments and cures for today's medical threats — from Alzheimer's and cancer to rare "orphan diseases."