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Professor Dennis Burton Professor
Dennis Burton, Ph.D.
Breakthrough in the Quest for an AIDS Vaccine

"There is no more powerful medicine than a vaccine," says Dennis Burton, Scripps Research professor of immunology and microbial science. "Vaccines save more lives than any other medicine, by some distance."

Burton devotes his days to seeking the Holy Grail of modern day vaccinology: a vaccine to prevent AIDS. And his team just made a giant step forward.

Burton leads the Neutralizing Antibody Center, a $30 million partnership between Scripps Research and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, which announced in September that it has identified two potent human antibodies that could supercharge the quest for a broad-based AIDS vaccine.
Milestones in Medical Science
Cancer Researcher Peter Kuhn Cancer researcher
Dr. Peter Kuhn
Revolutionizing cancer treatment – a goal within grasp

Peter Kuhn has a bold vision for tomorrow's cancer treatment. He describes a world where, using particles that have broken off the primary tumor and made their way into the bloodstream, doctors can monitor cancer cells as they move and change in the patient's body.

The difference is stark. Today's doctors are fumbling with the equivalent of black-and-white still photos, whereas Kuhn's future gives them the equivalent of high-definition video to help in selecting the right treatment at the right time.

It's an elegant concept – and one that may not be as far off as it sounds.
Other News
HIV surface protein An atomic-level picture of a key portion of an HIV surface protein
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We recently asked to hear about the things that spark your interest in Scripps Research's work. Your enthusiasm was overwhelming, and we are hard at work to give you even more of what you want.

Curiosity about specific diseases, an interest in educating the next generation of scientists, and a fondness for events that bring Scripps Research's leading scientists to you were common themes.

To help you learn about the breadth of Scripps Research's programming in these areas and others, we've put together a brief guide to make answers available to you.
Facts & Figures
Scripps Research was recently ranked among the top ten charities in the country and celebrates its eighth consecutive year of getting four stars from Charity Navigator for efficiency and fiscal effectiveness.
Relay for a Revolution

Dennis Burton's research could lead to a vaccine for HIV/AIDS, and Peter Kuhn's could lead to a revolution in cancer treatment… but they're not running these races on their own. The researchers, patients, oncologists, and physicists on their teams have each run a leg of the race. Now the baton is in your hand. Your gift could be the next step.
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An Evening with Scripps Research: Developing Specialized Cancer Treatments

You read about Peter Kuhn's ground-breaking work with circulating cancer cells in Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment, now you can hear him and a breast cancer survivor discuss what this could mean for doctors and patients.

You're cordially invited to join the Scripps Research Institute for an evening with Dr. Peter Kuhn, Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology.

Thursday, October 29, 2009
6-7 p.m.
Reception to follow
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
3777 La Jolla Village Dr.
La Jolla, CA

Please RSVP to Madeline Fenner,
858-784-2915, mfenner@scripps.edu
California: 10550 North Torrey Pines Road TPC2 - La Jolla CA 92037 - 858.784.2037
Florida: 130 Scripps Way 4B2 - Jupiter FL 33458 - 561.228.2015
email: philanthropy@scripps.edu - www.scripps.edu/philanthropy/