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Finding Inspiration at Home

Ed Roberts keeps a large chalkboard in his office and rarely speaks without a piece of chalk in his hand.

A world-renowned chemist and Professor of Translational Chemistry and Medicine at Scripps Research, he hesitates slightly before diving into an explanation of his work to find new therapeutic agents for central nervous system disorders, cancer, autism, and autoimmune disorders.

As it is for so many Scripps Research scientists, Roberts’s ambition in the lab is directly connected to the people he has set out to help – beginning with his sons.

Milestones in Medical Science

Jonathan Long and
Benjamin Cravatt

A New Route to Pain Treatment

To suffering patients, pain can be all-consuming. Head and neck pain, migraines, lower-back pain… the American Pain Society estimates that 105 million Americans experience chronic pain.

Now, those patients are one step closer to relief. Using a unique chemical technique that they devised, researchers in the Cravatt Lab at the Scripps Research Institute have identified and mapped a chemical pathway that imitates marijuana’s pain-killing effect.

Other News

Explore “The Science of You” at the San Diego Science Festival

In its inaugural presentation, the San Diego Science Festival will be one of the largest multicultural, multigenerational, multidisciplinary celebrations of science ever seen on the West Coast.

With the goals of increasing community awareness of science and inspiring young people to enter science-related careers, the festival will showcase the amazing science and innovation taking place in San Diego.

Join Scripps Research scientists and staff at the grand finale Expo Day on Saturday, April 4 and check out one of the more than 500 free events to the public from March 11 – April 4.


Facts & Figures
Scripps Research’s Mark Yeager published the first detailed 3-D model for a signaling molecule that is important for activating platelets, which are responsible for a healthy formation of blood clots in response to a cut.
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