September 2012

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Nearing a universal flu vaccine

A universal flu vaccine that could prevent and potentially treat severe infections is nearing reality, thanks to a major discovery by investigators from The Scripps Research Institute and Crucell Vaccine Institute in the Netherlands.

Last month, the research team announced it had identified
three human antibodies that offer broad protection against Influenza B virus strains. This finding follows the same team's earlier discovery of antibodies that neutralize Influenza A strains. Together, these findings could eventually lead to a vaccination that protects against virtually all Influenza A and B strains.

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Milestones in Medical Science:

Description: Professor John ClevelandProfessor John Cleveland

New avenues for treating lymphoma

Scientists at Scripps Florida have identified a protein that helps stop the growth of lymphoma – a cancer that affects roughly 1 in 50 people. The protein is repressed during the initial stages of the disease, which allows for rapid tumor growth.

While the new study focuses on the role of this protein in lymphoma specifically, the scientists' findings appear to relate to all human tumors that involve the protein – which is more than half of all human tumor types.

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Other News:

Description: Ulrich MuellerProfessor Ulrich Mueller

Sussing out the stem cells behind higher thinking

Scripps Research investigators have discovered stem cells that appear to produce the neurons that handle high mental functions.

Previously, scientists thought that all neurons, regardless of whether they were responsible for high- or low-level functions, were created by one type of stem cell.
This finding is a step towards developing more effective and nuanced treatments for cognitive disorders like schizophrenia and autism, which are characterized by disrupted connections among these brain cells.

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Facts & Figures

The Scripps Research Institute employs about 3,000 staff with more than 200 faculty members – one of the world's largest independent nonprofit biomedical research organizations.

A discovery incubator

Scripps Research has been the birthplace of some of medicine's most significant discoveries relating to diseases ranging from cancer to AIDS to Alzheimer's.

As we approach the end of our fiscal year on September 30, your support will help sustain the hunt for tomorrow's cures.

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The Auditorium at TSRI

On October 1, Scripps Research will take over management of an auditorium designed by renowned acoustician Cyril Harris and the architectural team of Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.

The auditorium, which was formerly leased to The Neurosciences Institute, is located on the Torrey Pines Mesa and features celebrated acoustics with a capacity of over 300. See the photo gallery here.

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