April 2012

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Description: Charles CochraneScripps Research Professor Emeritus Charles Cochrane

FDA approves drug for premature infants

Twenty years after an eminent Scripps Research Institute scientist made a major research breakthrough, the FDA has approved a potentially life-saving drug that helps premature infants breathe.

The new drug helps prevent and treat respiratory distress syndrome using a synthetic lung coating created by Charles Cochrane, a Scripps Research immunologist.

"I couldn't believe my ears when I heard about the approval," said Cochrane, who was among the famed group of researchers to come to Scripps Research in 1961. "This is going to save a lot of lives and a lot of money."

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Milestones in Medical Science:

Description: Philip LoGrassoPhilip LoGrasso, professor in the Department of Molecular Therapeutics

Moving closer to developing a potential Parkinson's drug

Scripps Research scientists aren't content with accolades for their lab work – they are adamant about getting their discoveries to patients as quickly as possible.

That's why Scripps Florida has granted a license to a prominent South Florida biopharmaceutical firm for the commercial development of a newly discovered compound, which could lead to a potentially groundbreaking treatment for Parkinson's disease.

"This is one of the best opportunities we have for the development of an effective neuroprotective treatment for Parkinson's patients," said Scripps Research Professor Phillip LoGrasso.

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Other News:

Description: Associate Professor Andrew ButlerA rendition of the bioinformatics analysis superimposed between two neurons.

Researchers find new target for pain relief

Scripps Research investigators recently made a big discovery: a potential new target for treating pain caused by nerve damage.

Neuropathic pain affects millions of people worldwide, but it is difficult to treat and is in many ways still a mystery to scientists. That mystery led a team of scientists from Scripps Research to try a new approach called metabolomics, which involves looking at the biochemical intermediates and end-products of body processes like respiration and the creation and breakdown of molecules.

What they found could be big news for a field of medicine that still lacks effective drugs.

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Facts & Figures

Parkinson's disease affects approximately 1 million Americans and current drugs only slow the progression of the disease.

A model that works

The Scripps Research Institute is a unique combination – more academically rigorous than many universities, but proud to work with industry to bring life-saving discoveries to patients. Your support provides seed money to make these high-impact discoveries possible. Please donate today.

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