March 2012
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Scripps Research Associate Professor Peter Kuhn Scripps Research Associate Professor Peter Kuhn

A new way to spot the spread of cancer

Doctors may soon have a faster, safer, more effective way of tracking a variety of cancers, thanks to a new technique Scripps Research scientist Peter Kuhn has developed for spotting and analyzing cells that break away from solid tumors.

Dr. Kuhn's new method, performed with a blood test, could in some cases even replace surgical biopsies, which can be expensive, painful, and difficult to conduct.

"We have a brand new way of doing a biopsy. Instead of sticking a needle in your chest wall, we can see disease-derived cells in the blood," he said.

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Milestones in Medical Science:
Matthew Disney, Associate Professor at Scripps FloridaMatthew Disney,
Associate Professor at Scripps Florida
Scripps Research scientists create RNA repair technology

Scientists from Scripps Florida have identified a compound that can help repair a specific type of defect in RNA, a type of genetic material. The methods in the new study could accelerate the development of therapeutics to treat a variety of currently incurable diseases such as Huntington's disease, Spinocerebellar ataxia, and Kennedy disease.

"Since the development of drugs that target RNA is extremely challenging, these studies can open up new avenues to exploit RNA drug targets that cause a host of other RNA-mediated diseases," said Scripps Research Associate Professor Matthew Disney, who led the study.

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Other News:
Associate Professor Andrew Butler
Tell President Obama: Don't Cut Research Funding

President Obama's recently announced FY2013 national budget calls for no increases for the National Institutes of Health. After inflation, this is a cut in funding. Not only will this cost jobs; it will also hurt the advancement of biomedical research that saves lives.

Please join the research community in speaking out against these cuts by signing a petition to the White House to increase NIH funding. 25,000 signatures are needed by this Sunday, March 18th, for review by the White House. Let President Obama know that we cannot afford to lose a critical funding component in the biomedical research pipeline! Sign the petition today.
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About 20% of women diagnosed with early breast cancer will have their cancer return within 10 years of diagnoses – either to the original site or other areas of the body.
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Women's Cancer Awareness Days raise $160,000 for Scripps Florida

In its first year of fundraising to benefit cancer research programs at Scripps Florida, PGA National's Women's Cancer Awareness Days (WCAD) held four days of events and activities with assistance from PGA National's Women's Golf Association. In its eighth year of fundraising for cancer programs, the group decided to direct its support solely to Scripps Florida and postdoctoral fellowships there.

WCAD raised $160,000 this year, exceeding PGA National's best-ever prior goal and making a multi-year commitment to Scripps Research.
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