December 2009

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The biomedical advances you read about each month happen because of scientific dedication and top-notch technology and because of the generous support of individuals like you. Please make your tax-deductible holiday gift to The Scripps Research Institute today.

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Focus On:


Associate Professor Brunhilde Felding-Habermann
Photo by Dana Neibert.



New hope in the fight against brain cancer

As any cancer survivor knows: you may win a battle against cancer, but you can never be sure that the war is really over. That's because cancer has a frightening tendency to spread from the original tumor to other organs. Even when a bout with cancer looks like it has been won, there's always the looming threat that it will rear its head in another part of the survivor's body.

This is the story of as much as 40% of all brain cancers. But a new finding from Scripps Research investigator Brunhilde Felding-Habermann offers new hope for stopping the growth of brain tumors.




Milestones in Medical Science:



Retinal pigment epithelial cells


Better Vision through Chemistry

Mom always said eating your carrots would improve your vision, but you were never quite sure.

When Associate Professor Anne Hanneken advises patients with macular degeneration, she needs to know the chemistry not the myth behind vision. So when a large study came out in 2001 showing that specific vitamins and minerals could prevent the progression of macular degeneration, it caught her eye.

Wanting to know more, Hanneken undertook a study of her own, which resulted not just in diet recommendations, but also a new understanding of the chemistry behind vision.




Other News:




Taking it to the next level

Each Scripps Research investigator shares a single, noble goal: improving scientific understanding of the human body and seeking therapies that can treat and prevent what ails it.

Scripps Research is a place where today's brightest scientific minds can chase that goal by doing what they do best: experimenting. And when those experiments result in big discoveries as they frequently do at Scripps Research our investigators often take a big leap in order to speed their lab discovery to bedside application by launching new biotech companies.





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Our researchers are among the most prolific and entrepreneurial in the world. Each year they generate more than 200 invention disclosures, the first step toward applying for a patent. That's nearly one disclosure per faculty member per year.








What are you thankful for?

If you count health as one of the things you're most thankful for this year, consider making a gift in support of tomorrow's medical advances. A tax-deductible donation to Scripps Research today translates into tomorrow's saved lives.






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Charitable giving decisions can be especially tough in a turbulent economy... but the benefits of giving stocks and mutual funds are clear.

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Don't forget to make your gift by December 31 for 2009 tax benefits!











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