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Focus On

Uncovering the Mystery of a Deadly Childhood Cancer

Neuroblastoma is one of the most aggressive childhood cancers.  With a survival rate of less than 40%, it is responsible for 15% of all childhood cancer deaths. Now, researchers at the Scripps Translational Science Institute have contributed to the identification of a gene responsible for the majority of inherited causes of the cancer - a finding which opens the doors for early-detection screening and possible new drugs

Milestones in Medical Science

Staving Off Blindness with Patients' Own Stem Cells

For patients suffering from diabetes-induced blindness and macular degeneration, it turns out that their own bodies may contain their most promising treatment.  Several years ago, Scripps Research Professor Martin Friedlander’s laboratory found that injections of stem cells from a patient’s own bone marrow may be able to prevent vision-loss from progressing.  Now, in partnership with Pfizer, Friedlander has founded a company to translate his lab discovery into clinical treatment.

Other News

2008: A Year of Leaps and Bounds

It has been a record-breaking year at Scripps Research, as the Institute's world-class investigators made a number of important strides forward. From discoveries that help us to better understand the Ebola virus, to research that identifies drug targets for diseases like cancer, 2008 saw the groundwork laid for tomorrow's most important medical advances.

And as we receive our seventh consecutive four-star rating from Charity Navigator for our effectiveness and fiscal accountability, Scripps Research is among the top-ranked 1% of nonprofit organizations. With a premier faculty, including 19 National Academy of Sciences members, Scripps Research continues to pave the way in biomedical research.

Facts & Figures
Over the past 5 years, NIH funding has remained flat. But adjusted for inflation, the value of NIH support of biomedical research has dropped by 13%
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Tomorrow's medical advances are at risk as never before. Between limited NIH funding and economic uncertainty, Scripps Research is looking to individual donors to fill the gap. Your tax-deductible year-end gift can make the difference in the future of life-saving medical research.

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Limited NIH funding puts a generation of science at risk

American scientific enterprise is in a state of crisis. With NIH funding flat since 2003, today nine out of ten original grant applications are rejected. Scientists at every point along the academic pipeline are feeling the effects, and promising young scientists are increasingly leaving the field.

Today's missed opportunities impact tomorrow's biomedical advances. To prevent a monumental failure down the line, research institutions like Scripps Research are relying increasingly on private giving. Your support can ensure that America continues to attract top talent and undertakes critical biomedical research.

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