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Stopping Breast Cancer in its Tracks

As a girl in Germany, Brunhilde Felding-Habermann was enchanted by her school’s biology lab. Now a Scripps Research scientist, she has her own wonder-filled lab – where cells are engineered to produce firefly sparks of light that help researchers follow them as they move through a mouse’s body, where scientists talk of metastatic cascades and analyze Seurat-like images under microscopes, and where researchers have the freedom and the resources to explore their ideas to the fullest. Most enchanting, though, is the promise that her breakthrough work holds for preventing the spread of breast cancer to other organs.

Milestones in Medical Science

Turning Renegade Cancer Cells to an Advantage

What if, rather than undergoing an invasive procedure to take a biopsy of tumor cells, cancer patients could simply have a blood sample taken? Scripps Research Professor of Cell Biology Peter Kuhn and his team are investigating this possibility.

Other News

Making the Fight Against Breast Cancer Crystal Clear

Not long ago, scientists learned about the structure of proteins by studying the geometric patterns in a crystallized version of the protein. But turning the protein into a solid – crystallizing it – was a slow and difficult process. Today, crystallography is still an important branch of biomedical study, and crystallization just got easier – thanks to a new process developed by Scripps Research associate professor Kendall Nettles.

What sounds like a specialized area of study is quickly uncovering real world results. In Kendall Nettles’s hunt for a way to accelerate the crystallization of steroid receptors, his team made what may be a game-changing discovery for the treatment of cancer.


Facts & Figures
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month… but every single day of the year, our scientists focus on a disease that kills 40,000 people in the U.S. each year.
The Clock Never Stops

In 2008 alone, an estimated 184,450 new cases of breast cancer have been diagnosed in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute. Scripps Research scientists are conducting promising new research, but rely on your support to speed their discoveries from laboratory to bedside.
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In Her Honor

Women across the globe struggle nobly against breast cancer every day. And each day scientists like Brunhilde Felding-Habermann, Peter Kuhn, and Kendall Nettles work ceaselessly to develop new treatments. What better way to pay tribute to the women you love than to make a gift in their honor to further Scripps Research’s life-saving research?


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