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The Next Big Thing

There are certain scientific advances that have had the power to change the human experience: the development of penicillin, the polio vaccine, the Human Genome project… Many scientists expect that stem cell advances will soon be added to this list.

Leading the way in this burgeoning area of research are Professor Jeanne Loring and her colleagues at Scripps Research Institute's new Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Milestones in Medical Science

Bringing the Venture Spirit to Addiction Research

Mark Pearson, who lost his parents to alcoholism, has brought his ability to make things happen to alcohol and addiction research.

Thanks to his generous support, the Pearson Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Research at the Institute is combining the latest biomedical research with innovative clinical treatment to battle some of the leading causes of premature death in the United States.

Other News

Scientific Minds, Present and Future, Meet in Scripps Research Labs this Summer

As students across the country race from their classrooms to pools, beaches and summer camps, a select few will be joining scientific leaders in the lab at Scripps Research’s California and Florida campuses.

As members of the lab, these students will experience the joys and frustrations of basic biomedical research and return to school in the fall with scientific enthusiasm to rival their classmates’ tans.

Facts & Figures
Our scientists have developed a new method for economically producing a pharmaceutical steroid with promise for treating conditions ranging from macular degeneration to cancer. The molecule was isolated from a marine sponge.
NIH Cuts Funding

The National Institutes of Health’s budget was decreased by $581 million in fiscal 2008. This cut will drastically affect funding of Scripps Research’s life-saving research.

That's why we are calling on the support of forward-thinking individuals like you. Please do your part to keep biomedical research moving forward.

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