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Powering AIDS Research Forward, One Home Computer at a Time

With millions of possible mutations of the HIV virus and millions of chemical compounds that might stop these new variations, the fight against HIV/AIDS is a high-stakes numbers game.

While scientists have been able to design equations that play through these scenarios, performed traditionally the calculations would take decades.

Now, Scripps Research Professor Arthur Olson has teamed up with IBM's Community Grid to put unused computer time, donated by individuals like you, to work on HIV researchers' calculations. Capitalizing on the computational might of one of the world's largest supercomputers, the Fight AIDS at Home project is leapfrogging HIV/AIDS research forward.

Milestones in Medical Science

Leading the Team to Stop HIV

With important new findings published this fall, Dr. Dennis Burton is widely regarded as a leader in the field of HIV vaccine research.

Burton, however, would rather think of himself as he does on the soccer field... as part of the team.


New Program in Neurosciences Promotes Creative Collaboration

Scripps Research has long been known for its creative, idea-driven collaborations. This spring, it took another step in this direction with the creation of the Program in Neurosciences.

A self-governing group of faculty members, this program will promote scientific exchange among its members and capitalize on Scripps Research's strengths in this dynamic field.

Facts & Figures
Scripps Researchers have developed a 2-punch strategy against HIV that could lead to a vaccine - first blocking the virus where it enters the body, then activating the immune system.
Closer Than Ever

Every day, researchers come closer to understanding the workings of HIV/AIDS.

Progress is made through sustained, detailed effort on multiple projects - projects that rely on the critical partnership between Scripps Research scientists and supporters like you.

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Three New NAS Members

On April 29, three members of Scripps Research were elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Newly elected members are: geneticist Dr. Bruce Beutler, immunologist Dr. Michael Oldstone, and microbiologist Dr. Peter Wright. With them, Scripps Research faculty includes 19 members of the National Academy of Sciences.


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