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Keeping an Eye on Renegade Cancer Cells

Imagine if doctors could pinpoint deadly cancer cells as they move through a patient's blood the same way that traffic cameras keep an eye on vehicles moving through the main arteries of a city.

With this technology, patients could get personalized treatment in almost real time throughout the course of the disease…which would help level the playing field in the war against cancer and make early detection — when treatment can be most effective — a common and relatively simple process.

For Scripps Research scientist, Peter Kuhn, making this life-saving technology available for all cancer patients is a dream that could become reality soon!

Milestones in Medical Science

American Spirit

Dr. Philip LoGrasso was the quintessential American kid. Growing up, he dreamed big and believed anything was possible. Now, as Senior Director of Drug Discovery and Associate Professor of Molecular Therapeutics at Scripps Florida, LoGrasso leads a team of 19 researchers taking a proactive, entrepreneurial approach to finding treatments for diseases that touch the lives of millions of Americans like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

He never stopped believing that anything is possible.

Project Checkmate

ResearchersTalent and Technology Team Up to Fight Pandemics

The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the entirety of World War I. Now, in an era of unprecedented global interdependence, experts say we’re overdue for another pandemic.

To combat this threat, Scripps Research scientists have teamed up with IBM on a ground-breaking project to predict the next moves of deadly viruses like avian flu. Leveraging the best research minds and the world’s fastest supercomputer, Project Checkmate is remaking the race to anticipate and contain dangerous influenzas.


Facts & Figures
Scripps Research scientists designed and synthesized a new class of molecules, known as enediynes, that represent some of the most potent and selective anti-cancer agents ever tested.
Own a Piece of Medical History

At Scripps Research, we provide the spark that fuels medical innovation. And with your help, we will continue to find the answers that lead to treatments and cures for deadly diseases such as cancer.

Own a piece of medical history, support Scripps Research.
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April Lab Notes
Come meet one of Scripps Research's three Nobel Laureates at our April Lab Notes. 

Listen to Dr. Gerald Edelman discuss the importance of understanding the workings of the brain and the immense impact it will have on neurological disease.

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