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Passionate about Algae?

Professor Steve Mayfield of Scripps Research is passionate about algae…particularly the molecular analysis of gene expression in green algae.

In other words, this dedicated scientist is pioneering ways that genetically engineered algae can be transformed into useful human therapeutic proteins such as antibodies which help our body fight disease. 

Learn how Mayfield's work may one day lower the cost of drug development.

Milestones in Medical Science

Scripps Researcher Enrique Saez Receives Award for Diabetes Research

Dr. Enrique Saez of Scripps Research will tell you that cardiovascular disease accounts for more than 70% of deaths in patients with diabetes -- making it the leading killer of people in that group.

But now, Assistant Professor Saez is going to do something about it! He has been awarded a five-year Career Development Award from the American Diabetes Association. These premier awards provide financial support to investigators who are poised to make significant contributions to diabetes research.

Grant awards are just one of the ways that our scientists receive funding for their groundbreaking research. But they also rely on the very people who will benefit from their work…people like you. Help Scripps Research find the answers that will save thousand of lives.

Fragile X Syndrome

Scientists Discover New Gene Linked to Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X is a genetic disorder that is the most common inherited cause of mental retardation and learning disabilities. Yet like most people, Harris Hollin, a retired Palm Beach businessman, never even heard of Fragile X before his grandson was born with the debilitating condition.

From that day forward though, he vowed to use his influence within the community to raise awareness and money to find a treatment for the disorder. Hollin also decided to approach Scripps Research leaders to enlist their help and today there is finally hope on the horizon.



Facts & Figures
Scientists at Scripps Research have uncovered a specific genetic mutation that suppresses the development of systemic lupus. The research suggests potential targets for future drug development.

Will you be a part of the next discovery?

At Scripps Research, we apply breakthroughs in research to the advancement of medicine…and this benefits millions of people around the world. But we still need your help.

Support our vital research and be a part of discoveries that will lead to cures.

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Create a "legacy of life" by establishing a charitable gift annuity with us. You can get an immediate tax deduction, receive a fixed income for the rest of your life, and support our scientists’ present and future research. Learn more about gift annuities at Scripps Research.

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