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Finding Inspiration

It was a long, difficult path from the laboratory to clinical trials, and finally to the hands of doctors treating kids with PKU. But after many years of research, Dr. Ray Stevens of The Scripps Research Institute has helped develop the first drug to treat this devastating metabolic disease.

When you read about Ray last month, you learned it was the families of kids with PKU that motivated his quest. But what you don't know about Dr. Stevens, is that it was also his own daughter's illness that ultimately inspired him to dedicate his life to finding treatments and cures for even the rarest diseases.

Milestones in Medical Science

Scripps Research Findings May Explain Breast Cancer Progression

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have shown for the first time that a protein called pleiotrophin (PTN) stimulates the progression of breast cancer in both animal and cell culture models. The study, which tested three separate models, found that PTN produced striking increases in aggressiveness of the breast cancer cells themselves.

Learn more about this study and how its findings may lead to new treatments for breast cancer.

Scripps Florida

An Update from Scripps Florida

Exciting things are happening at Scripps Florida, our state-of-the-art biomedical research institute located in Jupiter, Florida on the campus of Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Currently more than 170 researchers and support staff are working in two temporary facilities (74,000 square feet of lab space) while our new 350,000 square-foot, three-building permanent complex is being built.

With each passing week, the Jupiter construction site becomes an ever-more-visible part of the Florida landscape…a symbol of our commitment to strengthen the biotechnology industry in Florida and help the state's continuing effort to build a knowledge-based economy. Learn more about this exciting project and view our construction webcam.



Facts & Figures
Scripps Research has joined
Microsoft's BioIT Alliance, a cross-
industry group working to integrate
science and technology to speed
the pace of drug discovery and

For the Women We Love…

Every three minutes, a woman in the
U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Supporting Scripps Research in the
fight against breast cancer is an
investment in the future of all women
we love.

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A Family's Gift Supports
a Researcher's Dream

A major grant from the Alafi Family Foundation of Berkeley, California has been crucial to the support of Dr. Charles Weissmann’s work at Scripps Florida. Learn More.

February Lab Notes

Join us for February's Lab Notes:
"Malaria Research: Battling a
Global Epidemic"

Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler of Scripps Research
will speak about how new technological
developments are helping find new
treatments for this disease.

Visit our website to learn more.


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