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As you know, in just four decades The Scripps Research Institute has made major developments in the treatments and cures of hundreds of degenerative diseases. At the Forefront, the Institute's new monthly e-Newsletter, will help keep you connected to these breakthroughs that profoundly benefit millions of people around the world... maybe even you or a loved one.

Each article in At the Forefront also helps to underscore the importance of people like you, who generously support our mission -- to create a world where our children and grandchildren can live long and healthy lives.

Thank you for being our partner in the miracles we will present to you each month. We truly hope you enjoy At the Forefront.

Milestones in Medical Science

Scripps Researchers Seek Answers to Deadly Staph Infections

As news spread last month that a teenage boy from New York City died from an antibiotic-resistant staph infection, instant fear gripped the country. The reality is that staph and other infections are becoming increasingly deadly because many strains of the bacteria that cause disease develop resistance to an array of antibiotics.

Researchers at Scripps, however, have developed a new type of vaccine that could one day be used in humans to block the onset of these infections. Read more about how Scripps Research is seeking answers to a growing deadly problem.

Alzheimer's Disease Update

ResearchersThe Goldilocks Theory: "Just the Right" pH May Be Key to Ending Alzheimer's

With the tsunami of Alzheimer's gathering speed -- as many as 16 million Americans may be afflicted by 2050 -- new understanding of the disease is welcome for efforts to help slow, or even stop, the disaster headed our way.

Now, a computer simulation study by a pair of Scripps Research Institute scientists has revealed what could be a tempting new target for attacking the disease in its earliest stage, shutting off Alzheimer's at what many consider to be its source. Learn more about this study and the potential it holds for millions of people.

If you are in the San Diego area, please join us Thursday, November 29th at 2:00pm for "Alzheimers Disease - Effective Treatments on the Horizon?"

This event is part of Lab Notes, a free educational lecture series presented by Scripps Research faculty. For more information, please visit our website.


Facts & Figures
For the last eight years, U.S. News & World Report has ranked The Scripps Research Institute's Graduate Studies Program in biology and chemistry in the top ten most outstanding in the country.
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The key to unlocking the mystery of Alzheimer's is in your hands. With your support, Scripps Research is poised to make even more progress against this, and other, devastating diseases.

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MySci Day

On Wednesday, November 14th, Scripps Research held MySci Day, a celebration of science for San Diego high school students. In addition to an interactive tour of the Institute's extensive laboratories, students also listened to presentations by Scripps researchers and professors. Learn more about MySci Day and how Scripps Research is helping expand students' science literacy in this slideshow.

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