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Preventing Cancer Drug Failure

Cancer patients fear the possibility that one day their cells might start rendering many different chemotherapy regimens ineffective. This phenomenon, called multidrug resistance, is responsible for virtually all cancer deaths among individuals who have undergone treatment.

Now scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have published a pair of studies showing how the primary protein responsible for multidrug chemotherapy resistance changes shape and reacts to therapeutic drugs – a discovery that should help researchers develop new therapies.

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TSRI Associate Professor Qinghai Zhang (right), shown here with Research Associate Sung Chang Lee, was a senior author of both studies.
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Michael Farzan is a professor at the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute.
milestones in medical science:
A Potential HIV Vaccine

HIV evolves quickly, which has been a key challenge for scientists who have been attempting to develop a successful vaccine for more than three decades.

Now, a team led by TSRI scientists has announced the creation of a novel drug candidate that is so potent and universally effective it might work as part of an unconventional vaccine to prevent HIV from infecting cells.

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The team fused together two molecules to mimic long stalk-like cow antibodies and create a potential foundation to treat growth disorders and other diseases. Shown here is a growth plate from a model treated with the designer antibody.
Other News:
A New Therapy Inspired by Cows?

To help people with hormone deficiencies, TSRI scientists have developed a potential new therapy based on an unlikely model: immune molecules from cows.

The new study, led by Peter Schultz, the Scripps Family Chair Professor at TSRI, and Feng Wang, a principal investigator at the California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr), shows that human hormones and antibodies can be fused together – mimicking long, stalk-like cow antibodies. The therapy could also provide the foundation for treatments for a range of other diseases, including type 2 diabetes, inflammatory-related conditions, and growth disorders.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Will or Trust

Do you have a will or trust? Now might be the perfect time to update it. Whether your estate has grown or your family situation has changed, giving it a little “spring cleaning” allows you to take advantage of new tax developments and estate planning techniques. And if you choose to include a bequest to TSRI in your will, there are a number of useful tools on our website to help you get started, or you can speak directly with our planned giving office.
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In 2015, an estimated 1,658,370 new cancer diagnoses and 589,430 cancer deaths will occur in the U.S.
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