John Moores

Making an Impact on Global Health

For more than a decade, John Moores has been among the most generous philanthropists in the world, supporting a variety of causes from America to Africa.

In the process, John has given $24 million to Scripps Research, including his establishment of the Worm Institute for Research and Medicine (WIRM) at Scripps Research to combat the painful disfiguring, and debilitating diseases borne by worms that afflict millions of people in much of the world. WIRM looks for ways to detect the presence of parasitic worms in a person's body as a diagnostic tool for public health efforts in the field.

John is the former Chairman of the San Diego Padres Baseball Club; served on the Scripps Research Board of Trustees; is a trustee emeritus of the Carter Center; and is a former member of the Board of Regents of the University of California. He received a B.S. in economics and a law degree from the University of Houston while working for IBM and Shell Oil Company. In 1980, after working as an independent software consultant, he founded BMC Software, writing the highly successful software products that improved mainframe computer operating system performance at a critical phase of the digital revolution.

The extraordinary generosity of John Moores continues to help make it possible for Scripps Research to access the knowledge amassed by sequencing the human genome for deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying human disease.

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John Moores’ philanthropy could lead to new treatments for the millions suffering from diseases spread by parasitic worms and other causes.