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Roy A. Periana appointed to Gov. Rick Scott's Economic Development Transition Team

Tallahassee, Florida- Governor-Elect Rick Scott continued taking steps towards getting Florida back to work, today announcing two new transition teams tasked with identifying opportunities to reduce the size of government, transform the regulatory climate in Florida and look for ways to attract new businesses that will create 700,000 new jobs over the next seven years.

As part of what Scott calls 'fact-finding missions,' the Economic Development and Regulatory Reform transition teams have been tasked with identifying innovative ideas from the private sector, success stories from other states, cost-saving opportunities and legislative priorities that can assist the Governor-elect with implementing his 7-7-7 jobs plan.

Making good on his campaign promise to 'get to work,' Scott has steadily announced his transition team members. Scott pointed to the Economic Development and Regulatory team members as a distinguished and experienced group who have created jobs or reduced government throughout their careers.

Courtesy of: Official News Release from the Office of the Governor