Staff Scientist - Group Leader

Dr. Brian Hashiguchi

Brian Hashiguchi obtained his PhD on the development of bidenate 3,4-diazaphospholanes under the supervision of Prof. Clark Landis at University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Post Docs

Dr. Michael Konnick

Mike Obtained his Ph.D. with Prof. Shannon Stahl at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Graduate Students

Niles Gunsalus

Niles aquired his B.S. degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.

Undergraduate Students


Summer Intern Students


Former Graduate Students, Post Docs, and Interns

Dr. Steven M. Bischof

Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., Texas

Dr. Guarav Bhalla

Chevron, California

Dr. Oleg Mirinov

Chevron, California

Dr. William Tenn III

Currently at Invista in Texas

Dr. Brian Conley

Currently, working at Materia Inc. in Pasadena, CA

Univ. Southern California Post Doc

Dr. Somesh Ganesh

Univ. Southern California Post Doc

Dr. Steven Meier

Currently, Prof. of Chemistry at the Univ. of Central Oklahoma

UC Berekely Post Doc


Dr. Daniel Ess

Currently, Prof. of Chemistry at BYU.

Daniel obtained his Ph.D. with Ken Houk at Univ. California, Los Angeles.



Prof. Xingwei Li

Xingwei acquired his Ph.D with Robert Crabtree at Yale University followed by a post doc with John Bercaw at Caltech. He was then Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University. He was Assistant Professor of Catalysis at The Scripps Research Institute in Florida. Currently, Xingwei is teaching in China.

Dr. Claas Hövelmann

Claas Obtained his Ph.D. with Prof Kilian Muniz at Institut de Chimie, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France. He was a Research Associate at the Scripps Energy Labs at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, FL. He is currently working in Europe.



Dr. Kenneth Young

Kenny Obtained his Ph.D. with Prof. William C. Kaska at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Currently working for the Dept. of Defense.


Dr. Chin Hin Leung

Chinhin acquired his Ph.D. with Robert Crabtree at Yale University. Chin Hin is currently teaching college Conneticut.


Michael Webster-Gardiner

Michael performed undergraduate research with us and is now working towards a Ph.D. at the University of Virginia with Prof. T. Brent Gunnoe.


Michael Robo

Worked as a high school and undergraduate intern at SEMC. Currently, he is attending the University of Rochester.


Nicholas Esker

Nicholas is a student at nearby Florida Atlantic University and did a undergrad intership with us. He is now attending the University of California-Berkely in Ph.D. program in chemistry.

Dr. JooHo Lee

Dr. Xiang Yang Liu
Dr. Chinnapan Sivasanker
Dr. Joyanata Choudury
Dr. Antek Wong-Foy
Dr. Dagmara Ortmann
Brad Pentulete

Dr. Guoyong Song

Guoyong acquired his Ph.D. with Xingwei Li at Nanyang Technological University.



Satoshi Nakamura
Genette McGrew