San Diego Science Festival

SDSF logoThe San Diego Science Festival's Nifty Fifty program recognizes the most prominent scientists in San Diego. What started with an elite group of 50 has now grown to 100 science role models whose experience and passion will inspire today's students to become tomorrow's scientists. Nifty Fifty speakers will visit San Diego County middle and high schools to share their exciting stories and career paths. They will talk about successes and stumbling blocks, and will introduce science opportunities and new career ideas to young people. Members of the Nifty Fifty were nominated by the San Diego Science Festival and their network of over 125 collaborators, including leading science businesses, major colleges and universities, research institutes, major school districts, school science clubs, professional science societies, Balboa Park cultural institutions, informal science educators and centers, various military and community organizations, science outreach programs, and cross-border science institutions.


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