Vol 11. Issue 31 / October 10, 2011



Scripps Research Ranked Number One Worldwide in Chemistry
The Scripps Research Institute tops a recent decade-long international ranking of institutions for impact in the field of chemistry. The ranking, published in Thomson Reuter's ScienceWatch newsletter, which tracks trends and performance in basic research, is based on citations per paper during from 2001 to 2011. The report, "Chemistry, at the Highest Level," listed the citation rate per 1,000 or more papers for Scripps Research at 41.70, followed by Harvard University at 36.76, Rice University at 34.44, and Caltech at 34.02.

For more information, see the article "Chemistry, at the Highest Level" http://sciencewatch.com/ana/fea/11sepoctFea/ (to see the list, go to the bottom of the page and click the tab, "Institutions in Chemistry").

Timothy Barker Wins Ruth L. Kirschstein Award
Timothy Barker, research associate in the Boger lab, has won a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Named after the first woman director of an NIH institute, the fellowship is aimed at supporting promising scientists in research fields relevant to NIH institutes and centers.

Barker's project is "Total Synthesis of Kopsimaline A," recently found highly effective at reversing multidrug resistance in KB cells (a cancer cell line). His research on kopsimaline A synthesis and several analogues hopes to improve understanding of this biological activity's origin and to test these analogues in conjunction with vinblastine and vincristine analogues currently being synthesized in the Boger laboratory with the goal of developing a robust combination for use in chemotherapy.

Michael Marletta to Speak October 12 in Faculty Lecture Series
Scripps Research Institute President-Elect Michael Marletta will be the featured speaker at first presentation of the California campus 2011-2012 Faculty Lecture Series, scheduled for Wednesday, October 12, 5 PM, in the Timken Amphitheater at Green Hospital. Marletta will speak on "Building Selective Diatomic Gas Sensors: Nature's Way." Following the lecture, a reception will be held on the first floor of the Arnold and Beckman Building.








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San Diego Congressman Visits Scripps Research Campus
Congressman Brian Bilbray (right) visited the Scripps California campus September 30. Here, he tours the laboratory of K.C. Nicolaou (center), chair of the Department or Chemistry, shown here with Research Associate Philipp Heretsch. (Photo by Cindy Brauer.)