Vol 11. Issue 8 / March 7, 2011

Scientists Create Cell Assembly Line — The new technology from the Paegel lab synthesizes cellular structures from simple starting materials.

Harry Quendler — Meet Harry Quendler, research associate in the Zwick lab and current president of the Society of Fellows.

Three Scripps Research Professors Elected Fellows of American Academy of Microbiology

Timothy Reichart Awarded California HIV/AIDS Fellowship

Scripps Research Hosts San Diego Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Scripps Research Names Michael A. Marletta as President

Scientists Develop Powerful New Methodology for Stabilizing Proteins

Scientists Reveal Key Mechanism Governing Nicotine Addiction

Scripps Research Team Creates New Synthetic Compound with HIV-Fighting Promise

Scientists Reveal Complete Structure of HIV's Outer Shell

Scripps Research and Vanderbilt Launch Partnership

Team Creates Vaccine Against Cocaine High

Team Develops Groundbreaking Technology to Detect Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists Home In on Chemicals Needed to Reprogram Cells

Team Devises Broad New Technique for Screening Proteins

Engineering Better Approaches to Chemistry
Professor Donna Blackmond's research spans a range of problems from the origins of life to the production of pharmaceuticals.