Vol 10. Issue 37 / December 6, 2010

Scripps Florida Kicks Off Third Season of Front Lines of Hope Discussion Series

By Eric Sauter

A full house is expected when the third season of the acclaimed Front Lines of Hope discussion series at The Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter opens this coming Thursday, December 9. This invitation-only event will feature two of the institute's nationally known scientists, Department of Molecular Therapeutics Chair Patrick R. Griffin and Professor Donald Phinney.

The two men will be speaking about stem cell research – "Stem Cells: Hype vs. Reality." While some remarkable strides have been made in stem cell research over the past decade, the issue has raised controversy and concern along with hope for new therapies.

This lecture from two prominent Scripps Florida researchers will provide a broad overview of current stem cell biology, explore the emerging role of mesenchymal stem cells derived from adult bone marrow in clinical medicine, and discuss research being conducted on the anti-inflammatory properties of this type of stem cell. The risk of patient abuse in the thriving stem cell "medical tourism" industry will also be discussed.

Now in its third year, the Front Lines of Hope is a series of lectures that serves to educate and enlighten all who attend about some of the most challenging issues of human health.

"This series showcases some of the premier scientists in the world and the groundbreaking work taking place at Scripps Florida," said Harry Orf, vice president of scientific operations at Scripps Florida. "The success of the program is due both to the support of the public and the quality of the scientific talent we have here in Jupiter."

For the 2010-2011 season, five thought-provoking and topical subjects will be presented. In addition to Griffin and Phinney's December 9 lecture, events will include:

  • Thursday, January 20, 2011: "Taking the Pain out of Drug Discovery: The Search for Analgesics without Side Effects" by Scripps Florida Associate Professor Laura Bohn
  • Tuesday, February 15, 2011: "Junk Food, Addiction, and Obesity: The Road to Health is Paved with More Than Good Intentions," by Scripps Florida Associate Professor Paul Kenny and William A. Kaye, F.A.C.P., co-director of Metabolic Research Institute
  • Tuesday, March 15, 2011: "The Secrets of Memory Formation: 'You must remember this'" by Ronald Davis, chair of the Department of Neuroscience, Scripps Florida
  • Tuesday, April 12, 2011: "Lessons from Mad Cow Disease: Unlocking the Mysteries of Age-Related Brain Disorders" by Scripps Florida Professor Corinne Lasmezas.

For more information on Griffin, see the Griffin faculty web page (http://www.scripps.edu/florida/research/faculty.php?rec_id=11461) and lab website (http://griffin.florida.scripps.edu/). For more information on Phinney, see his faculty web page (http://www.scripps.edu/florida/research/faculty.php?rec_id=61863).

For those interested in receiving an invitation to the event, or for further information, please call (561) 228-2084 or email your correspondence to Philanthropy-Florida@scripps.edu .





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"This series showcases some of the premier scientists in the world and the groundbreaking work taking place at Scripps Florida."

— Harry Orf