Vol 10. Issue 29 / October 4, 2010


Gerald Edelman Receives Potomac Institute Navigator Award
The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies has announced that Nobel laureate Gerald M. Edelman, chair of The Scripps Research Institute Department of Neurobiology, has won a Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Navigator Award. According to the Potomac Institute, Navigator Awards are presented in recognition of "distinguished contributions in the arena of science and technology… as a tribute to those leaders in science and technology who act as pathfinders in the pursuit of knowledge."

In his research program, Edelman, who is also director of The Neurosciences Institute and president of Neurosciences Research Foundation, examines several areas related to nervous system development and neural function. These include cell-cell interactions during embyronic development, the role of cell adhesion molecules in neural plasticity, the molecular genetics of connectional defects in the nervous system, and transcriptional regulation and translational control in eukaryotic cells.

Edelman will be presented with the Navigator Award at a banquet at the Willard Hotel, Washington, DC, on October 21. For more information, see Edelman's faculty web page and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies announcement.






















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