Vol 10. Issue 28 / September 28, 2010

Team Develops Molecular Test Providing a New Pathway for Identifying Obesity and Diabetes Drugs — The new test from the Janda lab will allow researchers to look through hundreds of thousands of compounds for those that have potential to block the action of an enzyme known as ghrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT).

Board Announcements:
Senior Faculty Promotions

Jin-Quan Yu is named full professor. Mark Mayford and Pietro Sanna receive tenure.

Scientists Identify Molecules Involved in Touch and Other Mechanically Activated Systems

Team Discovers New Type of Anti-Malarial Compound

Scientists Unveil Structure of Adenovirus, the Largest High-Resolution Complex Ever Found

Scientists Uncover Possible Cocaine Addiction Trigger

Study Opens the Door to Developing a New Class of Drugs for Treating Epileptic Seizures

Scientists Uncover Previously Unknown Natural Mechanism that Controls Cocaine Use

Institute Expands Summer Internship Programs

Scientists Determine Structure of Immune Molecule that Counteracts Many Strains of HIV

Scripps Research Institute Dedicates Dorris Neuroscience Center

Scientists Find Chemical Signal from Predators That Sparks Fear in Mice

Scientists Solve Long-Standing Mystery of Protein "Quality Control" Mechanism
The findings from the Joazeiro lab could lead to a new understanding of neurodegenerative diseases.