Vol 9. Issue 30 / October 12, 2009


SOF Announces Fall Research Symposium Prize Winners
The Society of Fellows (SOF) has announced the winners from the California campus Fall 2009 Postdoc Research Symposium, which attracted several hundred people on October 1.

The oral presentation winners, selected by Scripps Research faculty, were:

  • Chemistry & Structural Biology: Robert Pejchal, first place; Chi-yu Fu, second place; Srinivas Reddy Chirapu, third place
  • Immunology: Jason Lanman, first place; John Scatizzi, second place; Elise Landais, third place
  • Cell & Molecular Biology: Andrew Lee, first place; Costin N. Antonescu, second place; Yann Gambin, third place
  • Experimental Medicine, Neurosciences, and Translational Research: Nabanita De, first place; Ramzey Abujarour, second place

The poster presentation winners, who were evaluated by all symposium attendees, were:

  • Chemistry and Structural Biology: João Dias, Goran Pljevaljcic
  • Immunology: Ranjeet Sinha, Shinji L. Okitsu
  • Cell & Molecular Biology: Norma Castro-Guerrero, Shailendra Kumar
  • Experimental Medicine, Neurosciences, and Translational Research: Michael Boland

All winners will receive cash prizes from the SOF.

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PATH Honors George Koob and Barbara Mason

Scripps Research investigators George Koob and Barbara Mason (left) were honored by A New PATH, a voluntary organization of concerned parents of individuals suffering from the disease of addiction, in recognition of their significant research in the field of addictive disorders. According to the group, through their research findings, Koob and Mason "help to dispel myths about addictive illness and to pave the way for greater access to therapeutic treatment opportunities." Here, Caroline Stewart (right), president of the board, presents their award.